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Published : Monday, 30 June, 2014 1:15 PM 
The third day of the ongoing Orientation Programme of the 5th batch of Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP) and 3rd batch of Fellowship Programme in Management (FPM) was mixed with stimulating activities and learning. The day started with a session by Mr. Umesh Jain, Chief Executive Officer, NSE Infotech Limited. His address was centred onholistic learning. He emphasised on the importance of physical fitness along with elements of spirituality. He encouraged students to refer to spiritual texts for the nourishment of their souls. He said that in today’s chaotic world meditation brings mental peace. Mr. Jain concluded his address by advising the students to find ways to contribute positively to their institute. 
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The session was followed by a very high energy business simulation conducted by Praxis EL Training & Consulting Pvt. Ltd. The exercise focused on the merits of collaboration over competition.  The students were taken through a psychometric profiling test and given a report of their core personalities. The students also learnt how to use strengths in their personalities in handling interactions with others. 
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In another set of activity and fun based learning sessions, the participants went through a series of fun outdoor activities where the focus of learning for the new entrants was on “Creative and Out of the Box Thinking” in the corporate world. Games like “Unwind” communicated a message of Strategy and Planning before beginning any activity and “Dragon Tail” conveyed the importance of Teamwork and Strategy to the students.
The outbound programme was followed by an interactive session with Mr. Amit Agarwal, Secretary, Technical Education, Government of Chhattisgarh. Prof. B.S. Sahay, Director- IIM Raipur welcomed Mr. Agarwal. “We need to get our basics right first and then choose what we are interested in. “, Mr. Agarwal said. He stressed upon the importance of team-work and advised students to be just and fair in their decision making as managers in future. He also elucidated upon the moral values and ethics in his address.He answered several questions posed by the inquisitive students of the new batch.
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After this session, Dr. Konidala Kumar, Head (HR), Jayaswal Neco Industries addressed the students on “Building Humane Attitude for Success in Management Career”. He emphasized that attitude reflects leadership. It’s like a price tag; it shows how valuable one is. He also mentioned that basic ingredients of a good organization are good strategies, employees (thinkers and innovators), outstanding leaders, healthy corporate culture and being proactive. 
In an interactive session with Prof. Vinita Sahay, Chairperson-FPM, the students learnt the difference between the manager and the leader. She encouraged them to find their vision.
The day concluded with the grand finale of the outbound programme series, the new students did a “Fire Walk” and walked over a bed of burning coals to illustrate the power of our thinking. The exercise helped the students in understanding that most of the barriers faced by us exist in our mind and how fear stops us from success. The fire walk gave the students a tool for overcoming their mental barriers. 
The message to the new entrants is that academic as well as industry excellence need not be all serious business. It can be attained while having fun.
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