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Published :  Rajiv Khurana | August 23, 2016 | 06:11 PM IST

Preparing for a dream career

Tarun wanted to run a company. As a kid, he always enjoyed listening to his Dad talk about various aspects of business on the dining table with his uncles. Tarun imagined doing the same and found great fun playing on the revolving chair of his Dad whenever he visited the office. He chose mechanical engineering as he found the fabrication unit of his Dad quite intriguing. The natural course forward, he felt, was doing an MBA programme which he also sailed through. Instead of looking for a job elsewhere, he asked his Dad to appoint him as an apprentice for a year so that he could start at the very bottom of his company to learn every minute dimension of the business. Today, Tarun supervises the business and is on the threshold of establishing a technology start-up.

You may describe Tarun as a lucky guy to have a dream career. Yes, he dreamt of a career and worked towards it to make and mark his position. Many of us just dream. The bigger question is, can we all build a dream career. A dream is essential first. I know of a guy, who played only with aeroplane toys as a kid because he wanted to be a Pilot. He couldn’t clear SSB to join the Indian Airforce because of a minor health issue. He didn’t lose heart. He worked hard and today he is flying jets for a large private airline in India.

Where does one find a dream career? Perhaps in dreams alone if we do not prepare properly. How does one prepare?

D – Do your self-check

Does career mean money, money, money or power and more power because it is what the family prescribes and society expects? What is that which you want? Imagine, if money or power was not a major issue, what type of career would make you happy in life and bring you loads of satisfaction? Only you can answer this. Delve deep inside to discover what you really desire.

R – Realize your strengths, circumstances and resources

Each one of us is shaped by circumstances that are unique for us. This is a starting point. We need to understand the path forward and the intricacies involved vis-à-vis our talent, determination and much more than that, our actions. It is ok to dream of becoming a Sachin Tendulkar but do we have the talent? Instead, why not learn from his qualities and apply the same in areas which we are more suited to.

E – Explore careers/jobs that offer similar feelings and experiences

Research more. Check the web. Talk to right people. Acquire practical insights. Try out few apprenticeships. Understand how the people engaged in the vocation or profession live their life and dreams. Be rational and practical.

A – Attitude matters

Someone rightly said, it’s your attitude not your aptitude that defines your altitude. Attitude is not taught through books. It’s observed, acquired and built. Watch successful people. Don’t look at the cars they drive. Learn from their hard work, commitment and their humility. Copy their qualities. Keep improving.

M – Make a balance

Build some hobbies and interests. Don’t leave things to the fag-end of your career. Rejuvenate and rebuild consistently. Enjoy life. Enjoy relationships. Enjoy time with your own self. Life is a dream that comes but once.

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