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5 tips for CAT Prep revision

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5 tips for CAT Prep revision

Having prepared for the CAT exam, what remains is a good round of revision to give a clear direction to your preparation. While preparation holds great value, revision should not be taken lightly too. For it is the revision period that you can capitalise on to iron out the chinks and reach your best levels going into the exam.


1. Draft a plan

After finishing a thorough preparation, all you need is a good revision to give you a sense of completeness and finality to your preparation. It is good to begin by drafting a well- though out revision table. Allot the time you devote to studies systematically so that you can make optimum use of your study time as well as free time. Decide the time to be allotted to each subject/ each topic, such that both strong areas and weak areas get sufficient attention from you. This plan will help you know which topics are left for revision are which are your strongest areas. This also helps to keep you motivated as you take account of all that you have managed to accomplish during the preparation.


2. Mock Tests

Now that your preparation is done, it might serve you well to attempt a few full-fledged mock tests. It is the right time to put yourself in an exam-like situation and try to finish the mock test under the time allotted. You can try out various strategies that can be applied in the exam and stick to the best, you can learn to handle the pressure that comes with such an exam, you can gain confidence from these exams and keep getting better.


3. Concepts

Revision time gives you the chance to get your fundamental concepts right. Sections of Mathematics, Logical Reasoning and even Verbal Ability are concept driven, where you will have to apply some concept to get to the solution. While revising, it will serve you well if attain clarity about these concepts.


4. Avoid new topics

The revision period is not the time for touching new topics and sections, a mistake a lot of aspirants end up doing. What this tells you is that somewhere your preparation has lacked something, therefore, you have not been able to cover things you should have. Touching new topics during the revision period is likely to be counterproductive. It will mess up with everything you have prepared, will make you anxious if you are unable to understand it, and add a burden to your mind. Instead, the revision period is the time for you to consolidate your strengths and work out on your weak areas.


5. Breathe easy

It is very crucial for you to keep your nerves intact. Practice some meditation exercises and breathe easy. This is the time when you keep your mind calm, absorb all the pressure and not let it get to you. When you go to write the exam, you have to think clearly and apply your mind, for which you need a calm mind.  

Take your revision period seriously and use it to your advantage. Don’t let a good preparation go to waste by not utilising the revision period well.


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