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CAT Percentile & Your Spirit are sacrosanct

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CAT percentile

Published: Monday, 4 September 2017 12:30 PM

CAT percentile & Your Spirit are sacrosanct

The CAT exam is not just an exam, but it’s a journey, a journey that each aspirant undertakes with dreams in the eyes of making it big eventually. This journey begins the moment a person decides to do an MBA from the best institutes in the country and fills the forms after waiting for the CAT notification. The person, then, becomes an aspirant and begins the preparations in earnest. In this arduous journey, the aspirant must keep their spirit intact and not allow themselves to wilt under pressure and anxiety.

Keep your Spirit intact

The way a person feels about himself/ herself, throughout the entire journey of CAT is crucial. Given the high value that the CAT exam holds, an aspirant is likely to feel stress, anxiety, peer pressure at some point or the other. His/ her spirits might drop and he/ she may begin to question his/ her own abilities. The resultant drop in self- confidence and self- esteem would surely affect the final percentile and the chance of getting admission in a top institute. Therefore, under all circumstances, the aspirants should remind themselves that their spirit is sacrosanct and they must feel good about themselves and their chances at all times.

Stay Positive

One of the essential attributes for scoring a high percentile is to remain positive. You have to go into CAT with a positive frame of mind and the belief that you are good enough to beat the intense competition of CAT and infact, get into the top institutes of the country. The belief will come from strong preparation, when you don’t leave anything to chance and cover everything and from removing negative thoughts from your mind and only dwelling on the positive.

Focus on the goal

To achieve a high percentile, the aspirants’ focus should never drift away from the goal. Irrespective of the hurdles, negativity, pressure, anxiety, the aspirant needs to find a way to shut everything out and only focus on that one goal. At times, the aspirant may feel lonely and may feel like giving it up. At such times, staying afloat and maintaining good spirits becomes utmost important and has a bearing on your percentile.

Percentile and Spirit

There is an important link between your spirit, the way you feel about yourself, your self- confidence and self- esteem on one hand, and the percentile you score, on the other. Both these are sacrosanct. You need to ensure that you don’t compromise on your spirit and attitude and remain in the right frame of mind to come out with flying colours in the exam.

The CAT exam is one of the landmark events in the lives of all aspirants who intend to do MBA from a good university. The aspirants must put their best foot forward, and this can only happen when their spirit is intact.

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