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25+ Interest Practice Questions for CAT with SOLUTIONS

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Simple and Compound Interest Questions for the CAT exam are part of the Quant section in the CAT exam. Through Interest questions, aspirants are asked for principles of investment or loan. The difficulty level of the Interest questions can be easy to moderate.

CAT Interest Practice questions for the CAT exam

Q 1. Anil invests Rs. 22000 for 6 years in a certain scheme with 4% interest per annum, compounded half-yearly. Sunil invests in the same scheme for 5 years, and then reinvests the entire amount received at the end of 5 years for one year at 10% simple interest. If the amounts received by both at the end of 6 years are same, then the initial investment made by Sunil, in rupees, is

Answer: 20808

Q 2. Kishore is an employee of a MNC firm. He needs Rs 10 lakhs for buying a new flat in Patel Nagar. His company is offering housing loan at an interest rate of 15% for 5 years. The two banks ICICI and HFDC are offering loan for 5 year period at an interest rate of 18% and: 13% respectively. How much should Kishore borrow from the two banks so that he can pay the interest rate same as that of his own MNC firm?
A. 5 lakhs from HDFC and 5 from ICICI
B. 3 lakhs from HDFC and 7 from ICICI
C. 6 lakhs from HDFC and 4 from ICICI
D. 8 lakhs from HDFC and 2 from ICICI

Answer: B

Q 3. The 5th term of an AP is 15 and the 9th term is 23. Find the 14th term.
A. 31 
B. 33 
C. 35 
D. 37

Answer: B

Q 4. If 9 times the 9th term in an AP is equal to 15 times the 15th term in the AP what is the 24th term?
A. -1
B. -3
C. 0
D. 1

Must-do Interest questions for the CAT exam

Q 5. Find the sum of an AP of 14 terms whose first and the last terms are 8 and 99 respectively.
A. 707 
B. 749 
C. 789 
D. 747

Answer: C

Q 6. A gets as many marks less than B as B gets less than C. If the total marks secured together by them is 270 and C got 90 marks more than A, find the marks secured by them individually.
A. 30. 60, 180 
B. 45.90. 135
C. 40.80 150 

Answer: C

Q 7. The number of terms common between the series 1 2+4+8+ tol00termsand 1 +4 +7 +10 +... 1 100 terms is 
A. 6 
B. 4
C. 5 
D. None of these

Answer: D

Most Important Interest Question for CAT

Q 8. If the geometric mean of two non-negative number is equal to their harmonic mean, then which of the following is necessarily true?
I. One of the numbers is zero
II. Both the numbers are equal
111. One of the numbers is one
A. I only 
B. Either I or II
C. II only 
D. I or III

Answer: C

Q 9. In a decreasing AP the sum of all its terms, except the first term, is equal to ~36, the sum of all its terms, except the last term, is zero, and the difference of the tenth and the sixth term is equal to ~16. What will be first term of this series?
A. 16 
B. 20 
C. -16 
D. -20

Answer: C

Q 10. An investor starts with $ 500 in an investment account, and cach month it carns a constant interest of $ 32 After how many months will the sum exceed $ 700 in the account?
A. 2
B. 3 
C. 6 
D. 8

Answer: D

Q 11: The number of all natural numbers up to 1000 with non-repeating digits is
A. 648
B. 585
C. 504
D. 738

Answer: D

Q 12: Arvind travels from town A to town B, and Surbhi from town B to town A, both starting at the same time along the same route. After meeting each other, Arvind takes 6 hours to reach town B while Surbhi takes 24 hours to reach town A. If Arvind travelled at a speed of 54 km/h, then the distance, in km, between town A and town B is

Answer: 972

Find Some Previous Year Interest Questions for CAT

Q 13: The amount of job that Amal, Sunil and Kamal can individually do in a day, are in harmonic progression. Kamal takes twice as much time as Amal to do the same amount of job. If Amal and Sunil work for 4 days and 9 days, respectively, Kamal needs to work for 16 days to finish the remaining job. Then the number of days Sunil will take to finish the job working alone, is

Answer: 27

Q 14: A basket of 2 apples, 4 oranges and 6 mangoes costs the same as a basket of 1 apple,4 oranges and 8 mangoes, or a basket of 8 oranges and 7 mangoes. Then the number of mangoes in a basket of mangoes that has the same cost as the other baskets is
A. 13
B. 10
C. 12
D. 11

Answer: A

Q 15: Onion is sold for 5 consecutive months at the rate of Rs 10, 20, 25, 25, and 50 per kg, respectively. A family spends a fixed amount of money on onion for each of the first three months, and then spends half that amount on onion for each of the next two months. The average expense for onion, in rupees per kg, for the family over these 5months is closest to
A. 20
B. 16
C. 18
D. 26

Answer: C

Q 16: Amar, Akbar and Anthony are working on a project. Working together Amar and Akbar can complete the project in 1 year, Akbar and Anthony can complete in 16 months, Anthony and Amar can complete in 2 years. If the person who is neither the fastest nor the slowest works alone, the time in months he will take to complete the project is

Answer: 32

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