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25+ Miscellaneous Logical Reasoning Questions for CAT with SOLUTIONS

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Miscellaneous Logical Reasoning Questions for the CAT exam are part of the section in the CAT exam. Through Miscellaneous Logical Reasoning questions, aspirants are tested on concepts related to Logical Reasoning. The difficulty level of these questions can be easy to moderate.

Miscellaneous LR Practice questions for the CAT exam

Question 1: In a coaching class, some students register online, and some others register offline. No student registers both online and offline; hence the total registration number is the sum of online and offline registrations. The following facts and table pertain to these registration numbers for the five months - January to May of 2023. The table shows the minimum, maximum, median registration numbers of these five months, separately for online, offline and total number of registrations. The following additional facts are known.

1. In every month, both online and offline registration numbers were multiples of 10.
2. In January, the number of offline registrations was twice that of online registrations.
3. In April, the number of online registrations was twice that of offline registrations.
4. The number of online registrations in March was the same as the number of offline registrations in February.

Q 1. What was the total number of registrations in April?

Answer: 120

Q 2. What was the number of online registrations in January?

Answer: 40

Q 3. Which of the following statements can be true?
I. The number of offline registrations was the smallest in May.
II. The total number of registrations was the smallest in February.
A. Only I
B. Both I and II
C. Neither I nor II
D. Only II

Answer: A

Q 4. What best can be concluded about the number of offline registrations in February?
A. 80
B. 50
C. 50 or 80
D. 30 or 50 or 80

Answer: B

Q 5. Which pair of months definitely had the same total number of registrations?
I. January and April
II. February and May
A. Only II
B. Only 1
C. Both I and II
D. Neither I nor II

Answer: C

Must-do Miscellaneous LR questions for the CAT exam?

Question 2: Directions for sentence exclusion: Five sentences are given below; out of these, four come together to form a coherent paragraph, but one sentence does not fit into the sequence. Choose the sentence that does not fit into the sequence.

A. The legal status of resources mined in space remains ambiguous; and while the market for asteroid minerals is currently nonexistent, this is likely to change as technical hurdles diminish.
B. Outer space is a commons, and all of it is open for exploration, however, space law developed in the 1950s and 60s is state-centric and arguably ill-suited to a commercial future.
C. Laws adopted by the US and Luxembourg are first steps, but they only protect firms from competing claims by their compatriots; a Chinese company will not be bound by US law.
D. Critics say the US is conferring rights that it has no authority to confer; Russia in particular has condemned this, citing the US’ disrespect for international law.

Answer: B

Most Important Miscellaneous LR Question for CAT

Question 3:  McGurk and MacDonald (1976) reported a powerful multisensory illusion occurring with audio-visual speech. They recorded a voice articulating an sonant ‘ba-ba-ba’ and dubbed it with a face articulating another consonant ‘ga-ga-ga’. Even though the acoustic speech signal was well recognized alone, it was heard as another consonant after dubbing with incongruent visual speech i.e., ‘da-da-da’. The illusion, termed as the McGurk effect, has been replicated many times, and it has sparked an abundance of research. The reason for the great impact is that this is a striking demonstration of multisensory integration, where that auditory and visual information is merged into a unified, integrated percept.

A. When the quality of auditory information is poor, the visual information wins over the auditory information.
B. When the auditory speech signal does not match the visual speech movements, the acoustic speech signal is confusing and integration of the two is imperfect.
C. The McGurk effect which is a demonstration of multisensory integration has been replicated many times.
D. Visual speech mismatched with auditory speech can result in the perception of an entirely different message: this illusion is known as the McGurk effect.

Answer: C

Find Some Previous Year Miscellaneous LR for CAT

Question 4.  There are nine boxes arranged in a 3×3 array as shown in Tables 1 and 2. Each box contains three sacks. Each sack has a certain number of coins, between 1 and 9, both inclusive. The average number of coins per sack in the boxes are all distinct integers. The total number of coins in each row is the same. The total number of coins in each column is also the same. Table 1 gives information regarding the median of the numbers of coins in the three sacks in a box for some of the boxes. In Table 2 each box has a number which represents the number of sacks in that box having more than 5 coins. That number is followed by a * if the sacks in that box satisfy exactly one among the following three conditions, and it is followed by ** if two or more of these conditions are satisfied.

i) The minimum among the numbers of coins in the three sacks in the box is 1.
ii) The median of the numbers of coins in the three sacks is 1.
iii) The maximum among the numbers of coins in the three sacks in the box is 9.

Q 1. For how many boxes are the average and median of the numbers of coins contained in the three sacks in that box the same?

Answer: 4

Q 2. How many sacks have exactly one coin?

Answer: 9

Q 3. In how many boxes do all three sacks contain different numbers of coins?

Answer: 5

Q 4. What was the total amount spent on tickets (in Rs.) by Bipasha?
A. 110
B. 120
C. 90
D. 100

Answer: A

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