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Self study or Group Study or Coaching?

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Self study or Group Study or Coaching?
Notification for CAT 2023  will be out and exam to be conducted in  November, 2023 this year. Focused and serious aspirants like you have started preparation for the exam, but you need to create a mission for cracking CAT. 
Your portal MBA Rendezvous has initiated series of articles on CAT’23 preparation.
Do I need to attend coaching classes for the preparation of CAT’23 ?  Or should I do self study or with a group of my own peers. This is a most common FAQ raised by candidates planning for CAT.
Understandably everyone has a different style of learning; some learn better when they are alone and some grasp the concepts faster when they are in a group hence, do a SWOT and analyze which will be an additional advantage to your preparation.  
First and foremost is your level of motivation. Are you disciplined and motivated to study on your own? CAT is the most competitive exam and it requires approximately 4-5 hours of preparation on a daily basis. 
Most of the CAT aspirants are in jobs too and they get hard pressed with time shortage. So coaching or getting direction for CAT in a shorter format can be really helpful. 
But if you are able to devote the required number of hours for the exam preparation, you may opt for self study. On the other side if you are lacking the time management skills, you must join coaching classes. 
Experts suggest that there is no hard and fast rule that one should attend coaching classes to get good best results in CAT. In fact, there are many students who have studied on their own and cleared the CAT in their first attempt with high percentile.
In conclusion the choice between coaching and self study or in a group is dependent on above factors but the level of motivation and perseverance is the key to achieve mission CAT’23.
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