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25+ Time, Speed, and Distance Questions for CAT with SOLUTIONS

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Time, Speed and Distance Questions for the CAT are part of the Quantitative Aptitude section in the CAT exam. In Time, Speed and Distance questions, aspirants have to learn the formula to score well in the CAT exam. The difficulty level of the Time, Speed and Distance questions can be easy to moderate.

Time, Speed and Distance Practice Questions for CAT exam

Q 1: I walk to a town at 3.5  kmph, rest there for 45 minutes and ride back at 7.5 kmph. Find the distance to the town, if the total time spent by me is 6 hrs 37 min.
A. 14 km
B. 7km
C. 5 km
D. 8 km

Answer: D

Q 2: A train overtakes two persons who are walking in the same direction in which the train is going, at the rate of 2 kmph and 4 kmph and passes them completely in 9 seconds and 10 seconds respectively. The length of the train (in metres) is
A. 45
B. 54
C. 50
D. 72

Answer: A

Q 3. A man reaches his office 30 min late, if he walks from his home at 3 km per hour and reaches 40 min early if he walks at 4 km per hour. How far is his office from his house?
A. 7 km
B. 14 km
C. 5 km
D. 3 km

Answer: B

Q 4. Raju, walking at the rate of 6 kmph, covers a certain distance in three hours. In how much time will Raju cover this distance running at the speed of 18 kmph?
A. 1 hour
B. 3 hours
C. 60 hours
D. 22 hours

Solution: Let the distance be X.

=>Distance = Speed x Time taken = 6 x 3 = 18 km.

Now, speed = 18 km/hr.

=>Time taken = Distance/Speed = 18/ 18 = 1 hour.

Q 5. Two cyclists start together to travel to a certain destination, one at the rate of 4 kmph and the other at the rate of 5 kmph. Find the distance if the former arrives half an hour after the latter.
A. 2 km
B. 10m
C. 10000m
D. 1 km

Solution: Let the distance be X km. Now Time= distance/ speed.

=>Time for the first rider = X/14.

Similarly, time for the second cyclist = X/5.

Given that: X/14 – X/5 =1/2

=> X= 10 km = 10000 m

What are the must-do Time, Speed and Distance questions for the CAT exam?

Q 6: Two trains 121 m and 99 m in length respectively are running in opposite directions, one at the rate of 40 kmph and the other at the rate of 32 kmph. How long will they take to be completely clear of each other from the moment they meet?
A. 110 sec
B. 99 sec
C. 88 sec
D. 11 sec

Answer: D

Q 7: A jeep travels a distance of 100 km at a uniform speed. If the speed of the jeep is 5 kmph more, then it takes 1 hour less to cover the same distance. The original speed of the jeep is
A. 20 kmph
B. 25 kmph
C. 30 kmph
D. 50 kmph

Answer: D

Q 8: Two athletes cover the same distance at the rate of 10 and 15 kmph respectively. Find the distance travelled when one takes 15 minutes longer than the other.
A. 7.5 m
B. 750 km
C. 7.5 km
D. 15 km

Answer: C

Q 9: A motorcyclist covers 4 successive 4 km stretches at speeds of 20 kmph, 30 kmph, 40 kmph, and 50 kmph respectively. Find the average speed over the total distance.
A. 40.2 kmph
B. 31.2 kmph
C. 50.3 kmph
D. 36 kmph

Answer: B    

Q 10: Ram and Shyam travel the same distance at the speeds of 10 kmph and 15 kmph respectively. If Ram takes 30 min longer than Shyam, then the distance travelled is
A. 15 km
B. 2 km
C. 10 km
D. 30 km

Answer: A

What are the most important Time, Speed and Distance questions for the CAT 2024 exam?

Q 11: A vendor takes 10 hours to walk to a certain place and cycle back. He would have gained three hours if he had covered both routes on cycle. How long would he have taken to walk both ways?
A. 6.5 hrs
B. 26 hrs
C. 33 hrs
D. 13 hrs

Solution: One way walk +one way cycling = 10 hrs. Now multiply both sides by 2.

We get 2-way walk + 2-way cycling = 20 hrs ....(1)

Also given: 2-way cycling = 7 hrs ....(2)

Subtract (2) from (1) to get: 2-way walk = 20 - 7 = 13 hrs.

Q 12: If Sita walks at 5 kmph, she misses her train by 10 minutes. If she walks at 7 kmph, she reaches the station 10 minutes early. How much distance does she walk to the station?
A. 5.8 km
B. 35.6 km
C. 10.6 km
D. 92 km

Answer: A

Q 13: Rahul can cover the distance to his school in 15 minutes. He covers 2/3rd of it at the rate of 5 kmph and the remaining at the rate of 10 kmph. The total distance to the school is
A. 15 km
B. 1.5 km
C. 3 km
D. 6km

Answer: B

Q 14: A friend is spotted by Lalloo at a distance of 200 m. When Lalloo starts to approach him, the friend also starts moving in the same direction as Lalloo. If the speed of his friend is 15 kmph, and that of Lalloo is 20 kmph, then how far will the friend have to walk before Lalloo meets him?
A. 600 m
B. 0.6 m
C. 6km
D. 900 m

Answer: A

Q 15: A distance is covered at a certain speed in a certain time. If the double of this distance is covered in four times the time, then what is the ratio of the two speeds?
A. 1.5 : 0.7
B. 1 : 1.9
C. 4 : 2
D. 6 : 1

Answer: C

Find some previous year Time, Speed and Distance questions from CAT 2023 exam?

Q 16: Raghunandan completes 9/30th of his total journey by ship, 5/18th by a horse carriage and the remaining 10 km on foot. The length of the total journey is
A. 450/19 km
B. 24.62 km
C. 27.2 km
D. 92 km

Answer: A

Q 17: Walking at 4/7th of his usual speed, Ramu gets late by 15 minutes. Find the time he would have taken walking at his usual speed.
A. 25 min
B. 20 min
C. 30 min
D. 24 min

Answer: B

Q 18: If I take as much time in running 15 m as a car takes in covering 36 m, then find the distance I can cover in the time taken by the car to travel 1 km.
A. 416.6 m
B. 41.6 m
C. 4.16 km
D. 41.6 km

Answer: A

Q 19: Ramesh runs 22.4 kmph. How many metres does he run in five minutes?
A. 1866m
B. 18.66 km
C. 2.866 km
D. 1.432 km

Answer: A

Q 20: A handcart has to cover a distance of 120 km in 15 hours. If it covers half the distance in 4/7th of the time, then what speed should it maintain in order to cover the remaining journey in the scheduled time?
A. 9.33 kmph
B. 4.6 kmph
C. 3.1 kmph
D. None of these

Answer: A

Which are the most difficult Time, Speed and Distance questions for the CAT exam?

Q 21: The time in which a train 180 m long, travelling at the speed of 30 kmph, will pass a signal pole is
A. 21.6 min
B. 0.216 min
C. 21.6 sec
D. None of these

Answer: C

Q 22: The time taken by a 90 m long train, running at the speed of 18 kmph to cross a bridge 270 m long, is
A. 70 sec
B. 146 sec
C. 72 sec
D. None of these

Answer: C

Q 23: Find the time taken by two trains, one 180 m long and the other 270 m long, to cross each other, if they are running at speeds of 46 kmph and 54 kmph respectively. Consider both possible cases of motion.
A. 202.5, 16.2 sec
B. 160, 100 sec
C. 108.45, 15.6 sec
D. 204.5, 14.8 sec

Answer: A

Q 24: A person going from Pondicherry to Ootacamond travels 120 km by steamer, 450 km by rail and 60 km by horse transit. The journey occupies 13 hours 30 minutes, and the speed of the train is three times that of the horse-transit and 1.5 times that of the steamer. Find the speed of the train.
A. 20 kmph
B. 60 kmph
C. 10 kmph
D. 50 kmph

Answer: B

Q 25: A railway passenger counts the telegraph posts as he passes them. If they are 50 metres apart and the train is going at 48 kmph, how many posts will he pass per minute?
A. 16
B. 20
C. 24
D. 10

Answer: A

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