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Published : Monday, 20 October, 2014 01:22 PM
Prof. Sajal Dagupta, Director of Technical Education, West Bengal, has discussed various aspects of ‘Managing Academic Resources’ in Engineering institutions. With expansion of the institutions, globalization of opportunities, good management has become most essential in any academic institute for its overall growth and sustenance, he said. He stressed the importance of the clarity of vision and strong leadership quality of the Principal / Officer-in-Charge. A Principal should be basically a visionary and leader leading a team of experts / managers to chase specified Mission and gradually approach the vision.An academic institute of today needs to manage the academic, infrastructural assets, human resources, external stakeholders such as employers, parents, trainees, alumni, etc. Each area calls for specialised managerial experts. It can be safely assumed that no single manager will have expertise on all fields.But normally, only one person is deputed by the promoter / society / trust tries to manage all diverse functions with a handful of inadequately experienced / qualified subordinates he said.
In another session, the awareness of Legal aspects within Academic Environment was stressed by Prof. Sajal Dagupta. He said The Government Engineering Colleges come under the purview of the RTI Act and, therefore, this needs to be understand by the academic administrator of the Government colleges.Most of the Court Cases are related to civil matters filed against Government and Private Colleges in regard to personal issue.In majority of the cases, the Government become the Respondent and need to defend Court Cases, he added. He has concluded with suggesting all the participants to be aware of different types of cases.
In her session by Prof. Vinita Sahay, Professor of IIM Raipur, started by saying that Time Management is actually a misnomer. One cannot manage time, but can organize and execute around Priorities. She explained the four generations of Time Management Perspectives.. The construct of Time Management Matrix was discussed and participants created their own weekly, monthly and yearly goals and plans.
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