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Essay Topic : Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star

Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star

 MBA aspirants may be asked to write essay before GD & PI. Today, you will read Essay on:  

"Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star"

William Clement Stone, an American businessman and an advocate of Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) once said, “Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star”. It is important for set high goals in life so that even if you don’t reach those goals, you will fall somewhere near those goals.

For those who aim for the moon, nothing is impossible to achieve. Only those who are determined and persistent will be able to think big and try their best to reach the peak of success. 

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People who aim for the moon do not put any restriction on themselves. They don’t feel constrained by their abilities. This is what differentiates successful people from ordinary people. People who are focused and think big get resources together to ensure that things are in their favour. 

Sir Edmund Percival Hillary was the first man to reach the summit of Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain. Hillary was successful because he thought big, was ambitious and determined. He was not satisfied with climbing small mountains and hills. Because his dream was huge, he went on many expeditions to build his stamina and prepare his body for adversities and challenges he may face while scaling tall mountains.

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Since Hillary was always focused on his goal – the Mount Everest, he did not give up along the way. Hypothetically, if Hillary had failed to climb Mount Everest, he could have gained fame and success for climbing the second highest mountain. That’s the beauty of thinking big – even if you can’t reach your goal, you will not fall too deep.

Never underestimate your capabilities. People who are afraid to aim high have self-doubt, are complacent and scared of failures. Only those who take risks in life become successful in the future.

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One should stretch his limits, step out of his comfort zone, and work day and night to transform his dreams into reality.

There is a famous saying, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”. Success is not for the weak-hearted. It is only for those with strong hearts, who are determined to aim high and reap success in life. 

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