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Champions aren't made in the gyms

Champions aren't made in the gyms

Champions aren't made in the gyms
MBA aspirants may be asked to write essay before GD & PI. Today, you will read Essay on:  
"Champions aren't made in the gyms"
Muhammad Ali once said, “Champions aren’t made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them – a desire, a dream, and a vision”.
 It is true that one needs skills to succeed in life, but apart from skills, one needs the willpower to do so. People who are successful not only have the right skills and intelligence, but they also have the determination to make it big in life. In sports, gyms are tools that help athletes to get in shape for any competition. However, to emerge a champion in those competitions, working out in gyms is not enough. One should be motivated to reach his goal. 
An athlete who is competing in the Olympics may work hard at the gym to strengthen his muscles but if on the day of the competition, he is not motivated to win, he will not be a champion. This is because the road leading to success is tough. There are many times when one fails at a task, but he should not lose hope and give up in between. This is where the determination to succeed comes into play.
The same concept can be applied to the field of education. Here, champions are not made in schools. To be successful, one needs to put in hard work, apart from going to school and completing assignments. There should be motivation to reach the top. So, determination, coupled with hard work and skills, brings out the champion in an individual.
Wayne Rooney, a famous football player, once said, “I just hate losing and that gives me extra determination to work harder”. So, a champion is someone who works harder than an average individual because he does not want to lose.
Skills can be easily honed but motivation and determination cannot be taught and learnt. They should exist in a person, and these qualities differentiate a winner from other competitors. 

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