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Literature is a luxury; fiction is a necessity

Literature is a luxury; fiction is a necessity

Literature is a luxury

Published : Monday, 06 July, 2015 11:45 AM

MBA aspirants will be tested for written communication skills hence, Essay writing is also crucial for MBA admission.
Read and develop points from following Essay Topic:

Literature is a luxury; fiction is a necessity  

This wonderful quote by G.K. Chesterton is profoundly meaningful. Since centuries, literature has been regarded as the reserve of the elite, as available for comprehension and enjoyment by only a particular class of educated people. Literature is not the cup of tea for the working class especially – because, as Marx has hammered it into us quite well – the labouring classes, who engage in manual work, do not possess either the time or the resources to delve into deep literary study. Their first and foremost concern is feeding their stomachs. They do not have the ‘luxury’ to sit at the fireside with a warm cup of coffee and spend hours reading and introspecting literary genius.

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Fiction, whereas, is a necessity. Fiction is a more ‘popular’ genre. It does not necessarily require any high degree of learned-ness. Fiction is what adds colour to life perhaps – in fiction, one can give flight to one’s whims and fancies, and witness them fulfilled. It is a unique way of elf-fulfilment and satisfaction. One can relate to fictional accounts more readily and can also comprehend them quite comfortably. Plus, they are easily available and digestible – one need not spend hours searching for them in libraries.

Fiction is indeed a necessity in life – when one is troubled by the innumerable trials and tribulations of the real, lived life experiences, one needs to dive into fictional worlds in order to maintain some sort of a balance – a balance between what one gets in one’s life versus what one had wished for. Fiction helps maintain the sanity and sanctity of life.

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For instance, if we consider the example of the renowned author – J.K. Rowling – the fact will be driven home quite strongly. Rowling was a single, unemployed mother who survived on state pension. She got the idea for her Harry Potter series while on a subway train journey in London.

Despite the hardships that she faced in her real, everyday life, she gave wings to her flight of fancy and wrote the most famous fiction series of all times. Had she not delved into the deep recesses of her fantastical mind, millions of children would have never imbibed the habit of reading and she herself would have become a miserable human being. Thus, fiction is what helped her to swim out of the troubled waters that were engulfing her from all sides.

Literature presumes a certain kind of intellectual inclination and pursuit. It is not the cup of tea of the masses. The masses are content to weave their own fictions and be content, satisfied with the tapestry and derive pleasure and joy from it. The educated can philosophise and leisurely enjoy the fruits of the labour of various masters such as John Milton, Alexander Pope, Geoffrey Chaucer and so on. The stuff of Arthurian legends and the Arabian Nights brings delight and pleasure to them.

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