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Who achieves at the creation of more states?

Who achieves at the creation of more states?

Who achieves at the creation of more states?
 In some of B schools, MBA aspirants may be asked to write essay before GD & PI therefore it is must to start practice for Essay writing. Today, you will read Essay on: Who achieves at the creation of more states?
Today, we witness the creation of more states in India. Recently, Telangana split from Andhra Pradesh. Reports suggest that people of a particular region benefit from the split because they get development faster since they rule themselves instead of being dominated by people from other regions. 
However, there are disadvantages attached to the creation of more states – administrations end up spending more on the establishment of separate secretariats, courts, and other government agencies; and it leads to more hostility between the people of the same nation. 
We can safely say that the party that has benefitted the most from the split between Telangana and Andhra Pradesh is the government, led by the Congress party. In an attempt to garner more votes, especially from those who favored the split, the government approved the proposal of a new state.
The Congress party dominated the last Lok Sabha elections in Andhra Pradesh, which led to the gain of 35 seats for the ruling coalition. However, when the charismatic yet corrupt local leader, YS Rajasekhara Reddy, died in 2009 in a helicopter crash, the Congress party came down heavily on his son, who is now in prison on corruption charges. 
Given these developments, the Congress party became worried about its power in the next election in the state of Andhra Pradesh, which is why it created a new state called Telangana. By doing so, the Congress party managed to secure votes from at least one region of the state. 
Some experts claim that smaller states are easier to govern and hence, there is a possibility of greater development in such states. This is possible if the smaller states manage to attract investors to the region.
Else, without sufficient resources, smaller states may be in a worse position than before the split. Some of the Indian states are larger than Europe’s largest nation – Germany, which has 80 million people.
Uttar Pradesh has 200 million people, Maharashtra has 112 million people and Bihar has 104 million people. So, by creating smaller states, leaders will be able to manage their people better. 
However, this is possible only if there are capable leaders, who are passionate about developing their respective states. If leaders continue to be corrupt, innumerable number of splits of a state will not help in its development. 
Creation of more states is a political game in the Indian scenario, played by government leaders, who want to gain power by garnering votes at the expense of the overall development of the nation.
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