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Food, Clothing and Shelter are still a big issue in India

Food, Clothing and Shelter are still a big issue in India
Extempore Speech is a tool to test CAT aspirant on assessing overall communication and personality so it is also equally important and crucial component of selection process. 
MBARendezvous.com have started series of articles on "Extempore Speech" which will certainly help you to achieve mission CAT 2012 .Today you will read Extempore Speech topic:
Food, Clothing and Shelter are still a big issue in India
India may be the second fastest growing economy in the world after China. To the world, the Indians are flag bearers of the positive change that the capitalistic development is capable of bringing into the world. However, not all is good back home. 
The truth of the matter is that a major number of Indians still fight everyday to be able to afford the three basic necessities of life- food, clothing and shelter.  After almost six decades of independence and eleven five year plans, poverty has only increased in India. 
If one compares the data available on international levels, one would come to realize that is the last few years when poverty has declined in even the Sub- Saharan countries, it has elevated in India. 
According to a report published by United Nations Development Programme, approximately 37.2% of Indians still live below the poverty line.  In 2012, the Planning Commission of India further lowered the poverty line criterion. 
Any man earning Rs. 28.65 in urban areas and Rs. 22.42 in rural areas would be considered to be above poverty line. The figures are gruesome in a nation where even a kilogram of rice is priced above Rs. 28.65.
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The lowering of the poverty line criterion might allow the government to alter the official statistics of poverty in India. However, not many can still deny that poverty is a growing concern and the number of people in India who are unable to afford food, clothing and shelter are constantly rising. 
There are many villages in India (especially in the Maoist hit areas) where there is no electricity and no schools. These people live in abject poverty and social pariah, away from the globalized India. The officials have registered about two lakh farmer suicides over last five years. The fact is that in the last few decades in India, the rich have grown richer while the poor have grown poorer.
The government’s policy of promoting privatization has caused great harm to the poor people of the country who depended on agriculture and government services for their livelihood. If the government and the people of the country do not take strong steps to protect the poor of the nation, the country will face dire consequences in the times to come. 
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