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I wish to be CEO in next 10 years


Published : Thursday, 11 June, 2015 11:10 AM

Extempore Speech is also one of the tools to evaluate overall communication and personality of MBA Aspirants hence; it is also equally important and crucial component of MBA admission selection process.

MBA Rendezvous is presenting you series of Extempore Speech Topics which will certainly help you to clear MBA admission selection.

All of us have dreams but very few of us fulfil the dreams. This is because a few give up on their dreams just a step away from realizing it, while others don't even try.  It is also true that success comes to those who believe in themselves, who believe that nothing is impossible and unachievable and who have the passion and the skill to convert their dreams into reality.

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Achievements are made of dreams. The bigger yourdream, the worthier and more enjoyable is the journey you undertake to fulfil the dream, despite the hardships you may face on the way.'CEO' is not merely a fancy title given to the person who leads an organisation. It is a term which symbolizes the pinnacle of success. CEOs are people who have distinguished themselves from the herd by their abilities, passion, appetite for success and dedication. By dreaming of becoming a CEO in the future, I am actually wishing to reach the height of success.

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Every employee working for an organisation should aspire to head that organisation one day. Setting a goal that high has multiple benefits for the employee as well as the organisation. In wishing to become the CEO of an organisation, I will begin to inculcate the traits required to be one. This means that I will be more dedicated and passionate towards my work, motivate not just myself but my colleagues too and be an inspirational and positive figure. The organisation, too, stands to gain from having a motivated employee and can utilize my services in roles of responsibilities.

Every management fresher must necessarily set the bar high and dream of becoming the CEO in the next 10 years. This goal, which may seem beyond reach at first, can actually channelize the energies of the person and encourage him/ her to put in his/ her best foot forward at all times.

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These days, as the youth of the country begin to assert itself, accept responsibility and break away from the shackles chaining it, the dream of becoming a CEO within a short interval is not far- fetched. In fact, with a rising number of new start- ups being launched and the internet being used innovatively for business purposes, young entrepreneurs and CEOs are taking the world of business by storm. And, therefore, by wishing to be the CEO in the next 10 years, I am not day- dreaming but promising myself to work hard towards that goal and be ready for any opportunity that comes my way.

I do realize that setting the bar high is just the beginning of the journey.  Proper planning at every stage and an honest estimation of my abilities and potential are prerequisites to achieving that goal. Raising the bar step by step with each small achievement can make the goal seem simpler. Keeping myself abreast with my competitors and doing what I do better than others are key traits of a CEO, which I must imbibe. Even if I am not able to become the CEO, I will definitely reach a position seemingly beyond my imagination, just because Iworked hard towards achieving the goal of becoming a CEO.

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Therefore, it is important to dream and dream big. Because, the only person who can put a limit to your potential and success is YOU.

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