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2014 Polls are dance of democracy.

GD Topic
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2014 Polls are dance of democracy!
India is the largest democracy in the world and one of the benefits of a democratic nation is that the citizens get to choose their leaders. Since we are responsible for the outcome of the election, we cannot push the blame to others if something goes wrong after the election or if the politicians whom we voted for do not keep their promises.
 This is the reason why everyone is talking about the election and if you visit any household in India, you will definitely hear the views of the family members with regards to the election. Corruption, poverty, unemployment and inflation are issues that affect us directly, which is why people are involved in the 2014 polls. 
In addition, with the proliferation of social media networks, people get the news about politicians and political parties faster and they get an opportunity to participate in political discussions. This is true democracy.
So, if democracy is a system whereby citizens of a country get to choose their leaders by voting, then the 2014 polls are fundamentally the dance of democracy. It is an art that we are showcasing to the world and confirming our status as a democratic country. 
In India, there used to be two major political parties – Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party – but now, new political parties have been added to this list, with the most popular one being the Aam Aadmi Party. The members of all the parties are working hard to convince the public that they are right for the job and that they will help solve people’s problems.
Lately, we have been seeing advertisements of these political parties and hearing jingles on the radio. Every political party is depending on the public for votes and this shows how important the citizens of India are. If India were an autocratic nation, we would not be seeing so many advertisements and campaigns of political leaders. 
Everyone is waiting for the results of the election, which will determine the fate of the country for the next few years. If the most popular political party manages to uphold its promises, then we can be certain of India’s positive growth in the coming years; however, if the winning political party turns its back to the nation, then we are all doomed. 
Therefore, it is important for the citizens to choose their leaders wisely because the decision that they make during the election will affect them for years to come. The 2014 election is definitely a dance of democracy and it is our responsibility to ensure that this dance stays vibrant for years.
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