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Avenge or Revenge.

Avenge or Revenge
After having cleared cutoff percentile at MBA Institute, you will be invited for Group Discussion and now it is must for you to practice with variety of GD topics.
Following comparisons do come up situation wise in both our life and career cycle. How would you tackle? 
Avenge or Revenge
Read and develop points for discussion for GD 
Life is not fair – sometimes, we get far less than what we deserve and sometimes, we get more than what we put in. When we get more than what we deserve, we feel happy and then there are no negative feelings in us.
 However, when we get less than what we deserve, we have feelings of vengeance – we feel like doing harm to the person who gave us less than what we deserved. Before letting vengeance take over our lives, we ought to think about the consequences of our actions. 
If we take revenge on someone or avenge someone, will our problem diminish or increase? Generally, the problems increase – so what is the point of carrying out activities that will increase our problems? Only when you think calmly will you be able to see the complete picture and realize the consequences of seeking vengeance.
At home, there might be tiffs between a woman and her mother-in-law or even between a husband and a wife. When someone falsely accuses you, you will be filled with anger and if this feeling is not controlled, it will lead to serious problems.
 So, when you become angry with someone, approach that person and tell him how you feel. If it is a family member, talk to him/her affectionately and convey the impact of his/her actions on you.
Family members will understand what you are going through and they will try to mend their ways for the well-being of the family. When you talk openly, misunderstandings are also cleared and this will help in developing healthier relationships. 
In the workplace, people may try to sabotage your work in an attempt to rise higher than you in terms of career progression or job position. If you notice such activities, do not sabotage their work or take revenge by doing something foolish. 
Inform your superior or the HR department and they will take the necessary actions. Else, you can talk to the saboteur and find out his/her reasons for engaging in such activities. And then both of you can work out a solution – for example, if he thinks that he is more capable than you but feels that he is not getting what he deserves, identify what is going wrong and come up with invaluable suggestions. This way, the other person will not see you as a threat and you will have better relationships at the workplace.
Avenging and taking revenge are negative qualities, which should be eradicated. No one will benefit from such feelings; hence, it is important to communicate your feelings when you feel that things are unfair or not going in the right direction.
Many problems in the world arise because of the lack of communication – so, don’t be a victim of misunderstanding; solve the problem through communication before the fumes of vengeance engulf you.
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