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Body Language can be a differentiating factor in GD and PI Sessions

GD and PI

Published : Saturday, 25 March, 2017 10.00 AM

Body Language can be a differentiating factor in GD and PI Sessions

What is GDPI :

It is no secret now and MBA aspirants are aware of that GDPI is one of the crucial section which may have to be clear post Management entrance examinations. Nature of GD & PI is that in GD you will be assigned a topic and you have to speak for 2 – 3 minutes during the discussion. And during PI you would be getting opportunity to talk to admission panel for 15 minutes or so. And during this time you may be asked multifarious questions of general nature.

Why GDPI :

MBA aspirants are always curious to know that why GDPI is conducted ? This is a natural question because aspirants have already cleared one of the Management entrance exam with high score and now they have to face GDPI. The answer for this question is ample clear as aspirants have been tested earlier for quantitative skills and now during GDPI aspirants will be tested for soft skills viz. Body Language, Communication skills and Attitude.

Body Language is one the top criteria of GDPI hence, it is differentiator :

Out of the all soft skills Body Language is a paramount skill with which you are perceived as a positive or negative personality. Body Language is the differentiator during GDPI and understanding this skill can be lethal for the admission. It is always advised to remain cool and calm and highly positive so that it is reflected in the Body Language and exhibited throgh the finest gesture of oral communication. It is also said commonly that it is the only Body Language with which you can read a person in depth and judge the personality with almost accuracy.

How it can be improved :

Body Language can’t be learnt overnight but can be improved over a period of time. Reading Newspapers and updating yourself with News and Happenings around you and Globally will give you an information which can be further analysed and can be made relevant with input of data and once it is done and this can give you immense positivity and this bubbling confidence is known as Body Language.

How one should perform :

The courageous and fearsome personality speaks most softly with analytical mind and this is known as in one word as Body Language which is the need and requirement during GDPI session.

Admission panel is looking forward to you with the most positive Body Language which can be adapted and further improved to transform you as a budding manager who would be employed in future course of time.

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