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Both Ignorance and Confidence Lead You to Success

Confidence Lead You to Success
After having cleared cutoff scores at MBA Institute, you will be invited for Group Discussion and now it is must for you to practice with variety of GD topics.
Read and develop points for discussion and make sure that you are concluding with conviction:
“Both ignorance and confidence lead you to success”
For The Motion
• Ignoring bad mouths and having complete confidence is the key to success. If you have confidence in what you are doing, you are on the path to success.
• Confidence is a very strong motivator. It always motivates you to move further. And it is very important in order to achieve success.
• You may face many situations where you want to ignore the things, but it seems impossible. Then, if you have confidence, then you can easily ignore the unwanted things from your life.
• Confidence and ignorance go side by side. You cannot achieve confidence if you do not ignore things and you cannot ignore anything without confidence. Both are important for each
To achieve success, anyone has to be confident enough to start ignoring the unwanted things from their life. Ignorance and confidence take you to the path to success very easily. Without confidence, it is very difficult to face anything in your life. People without confidence are mostly unsuccessful. The best way to achieve success in your life is to use these two key factors.
Against The Motion
• It’s true that confidence leads you to success but overconfidence takes you back to zero in your life. Confident people always achieve success, but overconfidence always makes them a loser.
• People who are more confident are sometimes more ignorant. And such people can never make their life successful.
• Ignoring things always is not good as it can make you lose your confidence in everything. Facing difficulties make you confident. Taking risks makes you confident. If you always ignore things in order to hide yourself from others, then it can make you unsuccessful in your life.
• Sometimes more confidence makes you ignorant. You start ignoring things which may help you in your career or your life. This is not good for anyone.
• Confident is a base for your success in life. Without confidence, you cannot achieve success. But confidence and ignorance cannot always go side by side. They need to be applied in balance. This is the only simple way to achieve success in your life.
As confidence and ignorance cannot be achieved in parallel, so it is better to use them single handedly time by time. Achieving success does not necessarily depend on these two factors. You can achieve success without being confident. These two are just the success key mantras that can be used in order to make your life more successful.
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