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Can we dream of hosting the Olympics?

Can we dream of hosting the Olympics?
Group Discussion (GD) is one of the crucial part of MBA selection process hence requires practice. Content leads you in GD so it is desirable to read variety of GD topics & develop thoughts. 
Read on GD Burning topic: Can we dream of hosting the Olympics?
In December 2012, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) suspended India’s National Olympic committee for not adhering to the former’s rules and regulations and for planning to appoint corrupt officials in India’s National Olympic committee. 
Even after this incident, Indian Sports Minister Jitendra Singh is optimistic that the dispute will be resolved and that the suspension will be lifted. For the suspension to be lifted, it is important for the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) and India’s National Olympic committee to follow IOC’s guidelines and rules. 
First and foremost, IOA needs to amend its constitution and ban corrupt officials from taking part in IOA’s elections. IOC has accused IOA of giving precedence to the Indian government’s Sports Code and ignoring the Olympic Charter. 
The Olympic Charter clearly states that there should be no government interference; however, the IOA did not abide by this rule and allowed the Delhi court to interfere with its operations. 
India’s dream of hosting the Olympics is not shattered yet because IOC has not de-recognized IOA. IOA has one last chance to make amendments, and if it is successful in doing so, we may be bestowed with the opportunity of hosting the Olympics.
Sadly, the animosity between IOC and IOA is great - IOC has refused to compromise on ethics and has given IOA a last warning. If IOA refuses to abide by IOC’s rules or fails to make the necessary amendments to its constitution, IOC may de-recognize IOA at its executive board meeting. And this would shatter India’s dream of hosting the Olympics. 
Despite IOC’s repeated warnings, IOA continues to defy the former’s orders – in fact, on October 27, 2013, the IOA special general body held a meeting to amend its constitution but proposed referring the cases of corruption to its own ethics committee, which will then decide on the fate of the accused. 
IOA’s repeated defiance towards IOC will prove to be costly – IOA may be de-recognized and Indian athletes may be barred from participating in the Olympics and the Asian Games.
IOA will be holding a general body meeting in New Delhi on December 8, 2013, and it is hoped that the meeting will help resolve the dispute between IOA and IOC.
 If all goes well and IOA agrees to follow the rules set by IOC, India may be given the privilege and honor of hosting the Olympics. 
However, if IOA continues to defy IOC, we may have to bid adieu to our dream of hosting the Olympics.
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