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Electorate must franchise their right.

Electorate must franchise their right
After having been shortlisted on the basis of analytical skills , you will tested for communication skills, attitudinal skills  and all MBA aspirants will have to undergo with Group Discussion( GD ) which is  very crucial part of selection process.
Read on GD Burning topic: Electorate must franchise their right
India is a democratic country, where each and every individual has the right to voice his or her opinion and select the right candidate for ruling the country.
In September 2013, the Supreme Court of India upheld the right of voters to reject candidates contesting in elections, claiming that this act will help in cleansing the society, especially the political system of the country.
So, this way, no citizen will be forced to select a candidate that is not deserving of the post. Also, by having the option of rejecting all candidates, political parties will be forced to project clean candidates. 
Many people in India do not take part in the election process because of the lack of trust in the entire political system. However, all this is set to change with the Supreme Court’s issuance of several orders on electoral reforms in the last two months.
According to the Supreme Court, members of parliament and members of the legislative assembly, who have been convicted of crimes, will be automatically disqualified from the elections. When the government is taking steps to change the political system for the welfare of the citizens, the citizens should be equally responsible and select deserving candidates who have the potential to take the country to greater heights.
Before one can cast his vote, he should confirm his name on the voting list. One should be enrolled for voting upon reaching the age of 18.
Recently, Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat, stressed the importance of voting and mentioned that the right to vote is the greatest gift that India’s constitution has given its citizens.
 We are living in a democratic society; so, why should we suffer at the hands of an authoritarian? Citizens of countries where autocracy or authoritarian rule prevails, yearn for the power to choose their leaders. 
So, we should take advantage of the right that our constitution has given us instead of blaming political leaders for their incompetency in enhancing the economic and social fabric of the nation.
It is time not only for youths but for all the people of the nation to take charge of their lives and change the destiny of the country.
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