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Employability skills can't be learned overnight

Employability skills can't be learned overnight
 Published : Thursday, 12 Feabruary 2015 12:15 PM
After having cleared cutoff scores at MBA Institute, you will be invited for Group Discussion and now it is must for you to practice with variety of GD topics.
Read and develop points for discussion and make sure that you are concluding with conviction

Read GD Topic:

                                       “Employability skills can't be learned overnight”

Number of participants                                                 :    10
Time                                                                           :    30    Minutes

A: The employment scenario in the contemporary world is dismal. Today our youth are accumulating degrees by the dozen but they lack the necessary 'employability' skills which can land them respectable jobs corresponding to their level of educational qualification and subject-matter expertise.

B: Of course. Employability skills are a must in this world of cut-throat competition where the next individual is always more well-qualified and well-prepared. One cannot afford to neglect this skill-set especially in the era of globalization, in the inter-connected nature of the present-day world.

C: Today, youths across nations compete against each other to get that 'best' job. Employability skills are those skills necessary for getting, keeping and being successful in a job. They are the skills and attitudes that enable employees to get along with their colleagues, to make critical decisions, solve problems, develop respect and ultimately become strong ambassadors for the organisation.

D: Employability or ‘soft skills’ are the foundations of our career. They are the  building blocks . Several graduate and post-graduate students, although masters in their respective fields, lack these skills and hence, end up faring badly in the job market.

E: Several organisations spend a lot of time and money in providing the necessary soft-skill training to their staff, in order to ensure a higher and quality productivity in their employees.

F: Employability skills such as negotiation, decision-making, problem solving, communication skills, critical thinking skills, assertiveness, personal presentation, delegation and so on are the life blood of any organisation. Thus, it is imperative to gain knowledge of them over a sustained period of time and call them into action when required

G: These skills are not acquired overnight. It is a gradual process which occurs  by reading books on personality development, communication skills , listening to motivational tapes and also putting their teachings to practise at the requisite moment.

H: The essential employability skills can be divided into - foundational, interpersonal and communication skills - such as being dependable, friendly, polite, adaptability, constructive criticism, task completion, listening, understanding, respect for co-workers and so on.

I: Other employability skills are - problem solving, conflict resolution, critical thinking, honesty, contribution to team goals, honesty and professionalism. It is believed that the current supply of graduates is broadly acceptable in terms of quantity, there are question marks over quality – especially what they’re studying and how they use what they’ve learnt. Thus, employability skills are highly valued.

J: There is no single, unitary method to learn employability skills - they must be central to one's education. They must be embedded within education programmes, and not treated as marginal, so that their practical application can be ensured.

Employability skills need patience and perseverance to be perfected. They cannot be mugged up or learnt by heart overnight . They should be developed and tested continuously.

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