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EQ or IQ.

EQ or IQ
After having cleared cutoff percentile at MBA Institute, you will be invited for Group Discussion and now it is must for you to practice with variety of GD topics.
Read and develop points for discussion on GD topic:
Following comparisons do come up situation wise in both our life and career cycle. How would you tackle? – EQ or IQ
It is true that we need both EQ and IQ to succeed in life – EQ refers to emotional intelligence quotient whereas IQ refers to intelligence quotient. The IQ is essentially a score derived from a standardized test to assess the intelligence of a person. It is said that people who have high IQs do well in school; however, it is unwise to say that success is dependent on a high IQ alone.  
What we read in books and the knowledge we get in school cannot help us to succeed in the workplace – we need to have good interpersonal skills, and be able to perceive, control, evaluate and express emotions too, and these fall under EQ. 
In the workplace, we encounter situations where we need to balance our IQ and EQ. When interacting with clients, we have to rely on our intelligence to provide apt suggestions, no doubt, but we also have to reach out to them emotionally. When clients realize that we understand their needs and take efforts to customize the solutions based on their requirements, they will be delighted to become regular customers. 
How do companies convert a one-time customer into a regular customer? The answer is: by connecting with the customer on an emotional level. Factual information and logical answers can help you to a certain extent but they will not help you succeed.
This is the reason why organizations focus on EQ – during interviews; interviewers test the EQ of the interviewee by giving a number of scenarios and asking him/her on how he/she plans on tackling them.
Did you know that many problems in personal and professional spheres arise because of the lack of communication or poor interpersonal skills? When people do not understand what the other person wants, it leads to discord between two people, ultimately resulting in the downfall of a relationship. So, in life, it is important to have a high EQ along with a good IQ. 
Many a times, we feel that we are speaking logically but the other person does not seem to buy our story. In such instances, you should try to get to know the other person better and understand what he really wants instead of going on and on about what you have in mind.
This is exactly what salespeople do. Why is there an increase in the number of divorces in India and the world even though the husband and wife are right in their own ways? That’s because they lack EQ. 
There is no denying that when IQ is coupled with EQ, it can bring success into your life. A high IQ may help you succeed in school but it may not help you to win the trust of your colleagues and clients. If you want to impress people and succeed in your career, you ought to reach out to people and understand their requirements. 
Interpersonal skills are extremely important and only when you are able to reach out to the person next to you and convince him with your logical ideas and arguments, will you be considered a master of communication.
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