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Freebies won't make citizens responsible and authorities accountable

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Responsible and authorities
After having cleared cut-off scores at MBA Institute, you will be invited for Group Discussion and now it is must for you to practice with variety of GD topics.
Read and develop points for discussion and make sure that you are concluding withconviction

Read GD Topic: 
Freebies won’t make citizens responsible and authorities accountable

Time duration= 20 minutes

Number of participants= 5

Sadgoppan Ganesh

The AamAadmi Party was able to win in Delhi largely by virtue of offering freebies in terms of electricity and water to the poor people of the Capital. Do you really think it is possible to provide free power in today’s time and age? We all know that power in Delhi is privatised and in the hands of Tata and Reliance. How will these companies be able to provide power 24x7 if it becomes free? It appears to be far too optimistic an achievement that has been promised by ArvindKejriwal, which I refuse to believe.


I agree with Ganesh- who is going to be accountable for all the free power and water that will be doled out? Unlimited usage of these limited resources will spell nothing but doom for the Capital. Earlier we had slums where people used to rob power and water like anything. Here we middle class folk continued to pay high rates while they enjoyed freebies. Is this justified at all?

I have absolutely no problem against power and water subsidies for deserving residents of this city. I mean, if food and fuel can be provided at low rates, then why not power and water? Agreed that they have limited purchasing power, but if such freebies are rolled out, the situation is going to be very similar to what Delhi Vidyut Board used to face more than a decade back. It is likely to end up with us in the middle class paying through our noses and getting nothing in return, as freebies are likely to increase theft.


Let me explain a bit of politics to you guys. It is not that ArvindKejriwal is making any false promises- many of us just fail to read between the lines. The reason power theft used to take place in Delhi was because of unavailability of power in various areas for seriously long durations. By promising free power and water, ArvindKejriwal has, in fact, killed two birds with one stone. First, he got the votes he needed by making these promises. Second, he will ensure that each and every corner of Delhi gets electrified and obtains ample water, based on changes made to the supply and distribution. When such facilities become available all around, there will not be any need for freebies. This is what, I feel, he was trying to say. After all, it is the packaging that really counts, doesn’t it?

Swaraj Seth

Free power and electricity are not exactly what the new Government has in mind. Of course, power will be available, but at very low rates. 700 litre of water was, in fact, available for Delhi households during AAP’s 49 day tenure. If they could do it within that time period, there is no reason why they shall not be able to repeat the same. Another demand that Kejriwal has made is for full statehood of the Capital. This is an important project which has not really seen light, as it has been in the pipeline for several years. Haphazard planning can soon become a thing of the past, and laws can also be enforced in a more stringent manner. The problem is that Delhi has become too vast a region for the administration to tackle. How can this be done unless the NCR gains statehood?


Freebies such as water and electricity are not really practical solutions for a region like Delhi. Subsidy is what will make more sense to a larger segment of the population. It may have helped AAP garner enough votes in the elections, but now comes the real test. It needs to be seen how the party is able to deliver on these accounts, or we may just witness another dharna right around the corner!
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