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Hard work or Smart work.

Hard work or Smart work.
After having cleared cutoff percentile at MBA Institute, you will be invited for Group Discussion and now it is must for you to practice with variety of GD topics.
Following comparisons do come up situation wise in both our life and career cycle. How would you tackle? 
Hard work or Smart work
Read and develop points for discussion for GD
Gone are the days when only hard work could get you somewhere in life – today, employers are looking for people who work diligently, in a smart manner. Hard work may help you to complete your tasks but you may not be able to do so efficiently, and that’s where smart work comes into play. 
When someone works in a smart manner, he not only completes his tasks but ensures that time is utilized properly. A smart worker makes a list of the tasks he needs to do and prioritizes them based on the importance – as such, he completes urgent and important tasks first and leaves the rest for a later date. This way, he does not get bogged down by the enormity of the tasks. 
In school, we would have come across both hard workers and smart workers – hard workers would study the entire year, make notes and prepare diligently for examinations whereas smart workers would pay more attention to theories or concepts they are unsure of and focus more on these areas and this way, they would work on their weaknesses and ace their examinations.
Sometimes, we may see smart workers getting better grades than hard workers and this is because smart workers know how to prioritize their work and manage their time efficiently. Many students have the misconception that the more number of hours they put into their studies the better grades they will get. This is not true. Even if you put in less number of hours into your studies but you manage to grasp the concepts, you will be able to ace the exams too.
At work, we come across hard workers, who only focus on getting their work done, but sadly, they don’t get the proper recognition from their bosses. This is because they forget to do important things like building good relationships and making their voices heard. In meetings, you should voice out your opinions and during lunch time, you should try to mingle with people so that you stay in their good books. 
At the time of promotion, it is not the person who puts in the most number of hours who gets promoted but it is the person who has managed to do work on time, taken the time to build relationships with his colleagues and bosses and gone the extra mile to assist his peers.
It is not wrong to be a hard worker – hard work is important, no doubt, but it is more important to work smart. So, do not simply focus on your work but get to know people too – try to enhance your interpersonal skills and time management skills and you will get recognition quickly.
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