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Hope is also a Strategy

Hope is also a Strategy
After having cleared cutoff percentile at MBA Institute, you will be invited for Group Discussion and now it is must for you to practice with variety of GD topics.
Read and develop points for discussion for GD Topic: 
Hope is also a Strategy
The whole argument, the question of discussion and point to ponder began with the book ‘Hope is not a strategy’. The book describes and advises 6 keys to winning the complex sale. Chairmen and CEOs of many world renowned countries attribute this saying as an old business cliché and do not confide in the existence and truth in this saying. The main reason for this is because hope has been one of the key strategies for their respective companies and organizations to stand out amongst countless organizations in the same area of work.
It is a known fact that a strong foundation laid strengthens and increases the longevity of any building so constructed. Success is a journey and not a destination in one’s life. To make this journey blissful and easy, it is very important to lay a strong foundation on the various ways to pursue in the journey without any hassles. Many organizations have realized that without hope, their company has not reached any further than where it was in the last financial year.
Hope drives each and every businessman! Hope drives each and every human being. With an unpredictable future on what lies ahead the next day or even the next minute, life is still moving on smoothly only because every human being has the HOPE to live, the HOPE to survive, the HOPE to reach out leaps and bounds be it career, studies or even relationships.
In business terms, strategies are keyed down in the beginning of the financial year. These strategies are revisited every quarterly to monitor the performances in the previous quarter with a HOPE to perform better in the present quarter. Hope urges one to dream higher. 
When a determined person thinks big, it is highly likely that he will reach his targets even before his peers could realize it. Making hope a part of an organization’s strategy increases the profitability and income of the organization as the goals set will reach the skies.
However, proper planning and execution are inevitable and have to work hand in hand. Only then will the organization attain and accomplish its set targets. What if hope is not a strategy? The goals of the company remain smaller as the basic belief system is defeated. With hope, one can challenge his or her competencies and strive to perform better at each phase of life.
Every living being on this earth survives on hope. Last but not the least; do not forget the old and gold saying ‘Hope for the best’. It is so true that life tells you to hope for the best things it will give to you. It also tells you hope, for the best you can achieve with hope. Hope is critical to a strategy!
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