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Hype of India Pakistan cricket match is deliberate attempt to boost sponsorship

Hype of India Pakistan cricket match is deliberate attempt to boost sponsorship

Published: Wednesday, 23 March, 2016 09:45 AM

Hype of India Pakistan cricket match is deliberate attempt to boost sponsorship

After having cleared cutoff percentile at MBA Institute, you will be invited for Group Discussion and now it is must for you to practice with variety of GD topics.

Read and develop points for discussion for GD Topic - Hype of India Pakistan cricket match is deliberate attempt to boost sponsorship

The common people of India and Pakistan have always shared warm and cordial relationships with each other, despite the political differences and the Partition. This is because both countries have a lot in common. Yet, a sense of competition and the desire to defeat the other country in any contest thrives in the hearts of the citizens, primarily due to the troubled past. Surprisingly, this is often exploited by vested interests to make money.

A. Though cricket is just a game played between different nations, it evokes a deep sense of patriotism in the citizens, who, through their support to the national team, find an outlet to express the love for their country. And when it’s about the country, people tend to get emotionally charged.

B. In cricket, there are certain contests, like the Ashes between Australia and England, between Australia and New Zealand and between India and Pakistan which evoke a lot of passion in the people. This is primarily due to the shared history of these countries which is often turbulent. Thus, the past context, which may involve border disputes, political conflicts or any other unresolved issue lingers on whenever the two countries meet, especially in a contest of sports because sports has the  ability to evoke heightened emotions and passions.

C. This is exploited by the corporates who use the ‘rivalry’ to their advantage and earn big bucks. They tend to create undue hype and build the contest up to such a level that raises passion on both sides. As a result of this, the stadiums are choc-a-bloc, TV viewership is at its peak, the advertising slots are sold out at exorbitant prices, team merchandise is picked up swiftly, and all this generates impressive revenue for the corporates involved.

D. Such contests like the India Pakistan cricket match are exploited by the media, which is responsible for building up all the hype through aggressive promotions and incessant flurry of debates, discussions with experts, pre- match and post- match analysis and so on.They build it up as some kind of war and deliberately manipulate the emotions of the general public. It helps them generate TRPs and attract revenue.

E. All the hype affects the players too and puts undue pressure on them. They are anxious to do well in that particular match. They know that it will be a massive blow to them as players, to their fans if they lose a match to their ‘arch rival’. Thus, it is built up as a ‘do or die’ situation.

F. It’s all deliberate. These matches command unbelievable amount of money. That is why Pakistan was desperate to play India in a bilateral series recently. The money involved is so huge that despite political tensions, the cricket boards of both countries keep pleading their case for conducting bilateral matches.

The hype created around India Pakistan matches is a clear attempt to attract sponsorship and big revenue. This, even when the common people of both the countries may not be as aggressive, as hostile towards each other as they are made out to be, especially on news channels.

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