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Indian electorate is getting smarter.

India's Pink Revolution
After having been shortlisted on the basis of analytical skills in entrance exams , you will tested for communication skills, attitudinal skills  and all MBA aspirants will have to undergo with Group Discussion( GD ) which is  very crucial part of MBA selection process.
Read on GD Burning topic: Indian electorate is getting smarter 
Considering the heavy voter turnout for the 2013 Delhi Assembly, it is clear that the Indian electorate now has increasing interest in the government functioning. 65% of the electorate participated in the voting process and most persons were knowledgeable about promises of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). The electorate now believes that it really is possible to root out corruption from this country over a period of time.
Though the number of literate Indians has increased tremendously over the years, there still is a fairly large number for whom living everyday is a struggle. They work on low wages and often are unaware of how to afford the next meal. 
Certain political parties are capable of exploiting such persons to gain a high vote bank, in return for bribes or amenities. In return for temporary accommodation in the form of slums, for example, parties would ask for votes. By virtue of being uneducated, many persons tend to fall into this trap.
Another side of this is the number of criminal cases still pending against numerous politicians across the country. A little more than 11%, or 113 of 983 candidates, have criminal cases registered against them in Chhattisgarh. The figure stands at 15% for the Congress and at 20% for the BJP. 
This clearly means that there are no systems in place at present that can actually filter out such candidates. Alternately, other party members continue arguing that a candidate is innocent until proven guilty. So this is something which cannot really be controlled by the electorate. 
On the contrary, as mentioned earlier, there is now a party that has totally altered the history of Indian politics till now. AAP president Arvind Kejriwal states that he is determined to filter out candidates receiving bribes, whether from his party or any other. 
It is the first time that the electorate is aware of issues related to inflation and corruption, which have been significantly addressed by AAP. The powerful influence of this party, which has not even completed a year since existence, has kept the common man informed of almost every move. 
As a result of its extensive and realistic campaigning, funds are now pouring in from all parts of the country. Senior Vice Presidents and managers of top companies now want to quit their high profile jobs and join this company, some of whom have already done so. This clearly reflects the common man’s win, which heralds a new beginning in Indian politics. 
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