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IPL is a spoiler in the gentleman game of cricket

IPL is a spoiler in the gentleman game of cricket
After having cleared cutoff percentile at MBA Institute, you will be invited for Group Discussion and now it is must for you to practice with variety of GD topics.
Read and develop points for discussion and make sure that you are concluding with conviction:
For the motion
• IPL as a format is a blend of entertainment, senseless glamour and cricket. But unfortunately cricket gets camouflaged under the haze of money power and glamour.
• It is played among the clubs named after Indian city or state. But in reality, very few players in a team are from the same city. Moreover, players changes teams as well. Therefore, in such a format, loyalty is grossly missed.
• Another issue is the interference of team owners in day-to-day strategizing. This interference is killing the spirit of a gentleman’s game.
• In the absence of an effective oversight body, fixing scandals has become very frequent rather than being an outlier.
• Even fans come to the ground not to watch cricket itself but to have so-called entertainment in presence of fireworks, music, dance and cheerleaders. One wonders, is it the same game which was played by the likes of Bradman, Sobers and Vishwanath.
Cricketer’s skills and technique are actually tested in test cricket. In IPL, batsman’s target is to hit sixes on every ball and bowler’s aim is to save these very sixes. In this narrow battle between ball and bat, technique gets lost which is an integral feature of gentleman’s game.
Against the motion
• IPL has emerged as a big opportunity for local Indian players to come out and perform as the whole world watches them. As there is an upper limit of four players set on number of foreign players that can play in every team, it only boosts the chances for local players.
• There are many cases when Indian selectors have picked new players for Indian national team after watching their performance in IPL and not in other local tournaments. Examples are Raidu, Manpreet Gony and Suresh Kulkarni among others.
• In fact, there have been instances when local players of other countries like Australia have been picked by IPL teams despite not have played any international game. After they performed well in the IPL, they were selected for the national teams of their respective countries.
• Due to IPL, Indian cricket board BCCI has also got a big boost to their clout at international level.
• From the economic viewpoint, IPL has created new jobs and lot of event and sports management companies have expanded.
Philosophically, every phenomenon evolves over time. Change is the only constant and cricket is no exception to this. As culture and society is never static, sports have to catch up to this dynamic. Newer formats like IPL are only a reflection of all these dynamics.
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