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Netas are no more privilege class now.

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GD Topic
After having been shortlisted on the basis of analytical skills , you will tested for communication skills, attitudinal skills  and all MBA aspirants will have to undergo with Group Discussion( GD ) which is  very crucial part of selection process.
Read on GD Burning topic: Netas are no more privilege class now 
India has not reached a stage where Netas are no longer a privileged class - India has not become a totally meritocratic country. One of the areas where Netas are given special privilege is that of fuel. 
In the last few months, the price of diesel and petrol rose sharply but this only affected the general public. This is because Netas are entitled to petrol consumption, up to 700 litres a month, according to some reports.
 And fuel expenses, which surpasses Rs 3,000 crores, after combining the fuel expenses of all government staff and leaders, continue to be included under ‘office expenditure’, despite pressures to separate the two categories of expenditure. 
All this is happening simultaneously, with the government’s efforts to reduce rising fuel import bills, which seems contradictory to the actions of politicians. 
In addition, Netas and bureaucrats are exempted from paying parking fees, which is a source of income for the country, and this is not fair. So, here, once again, there is a distinction in the privileges of Netas and the common man. 
Netas are given posh bungalows, luxurious cars, and innumerable servants, at nominal or no cost, and this is outrageous, especially given their contribution, of lack of contribution to the welfare of the society. 
Taxpayers, who slog day and night in offices, pay money to the government for better services and better quality of life. But, sadly, all this money goes into the pockets of government officials for their pleasure. This is a sad fact of life in India. 
Recently, reports surfaced, throwing light on the exceptionally low cost of health services enjoyed by Netas. It has been reported that a Neta’s oil massage is cheaper than a common man’s dosa meal. For just Rs 19, a Neta can enjoy oil massage at the health club in the Legislator’s Home. 
The reason why Netas pay so little is because a significant portion of their expenses comes from the common man’s pocket.
So, it is unwise to say that Netas are not a privileged class in India – they have been a privileged class and will continue to be as long as we allow them to. 
To ensure fairness in the society, it is important to bring such unfair cases to light so that the country, as a whole, can tackle them.  Hopefully RTI, Police reforms and Election Reforms will show us light from dark side of Netas. 
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