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GD Topic :Obama visit to India must not remain a photo opportunity

Obama visit to India must not remain a photo opportunity
Published : Saturday, 31 January, 2015 11:5 PM
After having cleared cutoff scores at MBA Institute, you will be invited for Group Discussion and now it is must for you to practice with variety of GD topics.
Read and develop points for discussion and make sure that you are concluding with conviction
Read GD Topic:  
"Obama visit to India must not remain a photo opportunity"
Number of participants : 7
Time : 25 Minutes
A - Much has been made of the US President's arrival to India as Chief Guest this Republic Day. Many rumors, speculations have been doing the rounds concerning this event. 
Will anything good come out of Obama's visit to India or will it become just another photo-opportunity for our journals, tabloids and media-persons?
B - In my opinion, this visit will be a landmark visit, given the background of the Republic Day celebrations and the changed, charged political scenario, with a new political head, energizing the nation and its citizens.
C - I perfectly agree with B - talks between our present prime minister and the U.S. President will be quite beneficial and fruitful, since both the parties have decided to talk about the nuclear concerns of the two nations and about the prowess of the Indian citizenry, which will be harnessed through schemes such as Skill India, Make in India etc.
D - I feel a little differently - in my opinion, due to the paucity of time and the tight schedule of President Obama's visit, we will hardly get time for a useful discussion on political matters and the relationship between the two nations. The media in our country does have a reputation for hyping up such internationally charged affairs and this occasion will be no different.
E - It is true that our media is a little too over-enthusiastic about President Obama's visit, but if the intentions are right and genuine, a healthy discussion will of course be possible that will foster better relations and commitment with respect to both the nations.
F - Terrorism is the major issue that the two nations need to discuss - hard and long. Both the leaders must ensure 'zero tolerance' towards this menace. Both nations share a strong democratic value set-up and also a healthy economic relationship.
G - This is will be President Obama's second visit to India, and it speaks volumes of the interest that the United States has in India, specifically with respect to the economy. The visit can strengthen us and help to recover from our paralysed state of affairs as witnessed in the last five years. We are the two largest and most powerful democracies of the world, and we must prosper and progress together.
Talks which are meaningful and substantial must be carried out, since it is a golden opportunity for India (given the change of regime and the envisaged changes in the polity) which should not be frittered away. India is standing at an important crossroads at this point in history, where it is striving to be at par with the superpowers of the world and to carve a niche of its own in the global arena.
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