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Politicians have camouflaged real issues.

No man was ever wise by chance
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Politicians have camouflaged real issues 
It is a known fact that most politicians in India do not work for the welfare of the citizens but they work for their own material gains. As such, to garner more votes and to stay in power, they camouflage real issues that concern the citizens. 
The need to camouflage problems comes in when politicians are unable to solve the issues that people are facing in a country. This is exactly what is happening in India.
Inflation in India is on the rise, and despite implementing certain monetary policies, the government has not been able to reduce the prices of basic commodities, including food. Hence, to shift the people’s focus away from inflation and to hide the existing problems, the parliament passed the food security bill. 
Under the provisions of the bill, beneficiaries are entitled to purchase five kilograms of rice, wheat and millet at subsidized rates. The government came up with this policy to appease the public and garner more votes for the coming election. And by doing so, it managed to camouflage a number of issues - high rate of inflation and widening current account deficit.
In 2013, the Planning Commission lowered the bar on the definition of poverty in an attempt to convince the world that the government has been successful in reducing poverty in India. The government had declared that the poverty line for families in rural and urban areas on a monthly basis stands at Rs 4,080 and Rs 5,000 respectively. 
As such, the government managed to show that poverty level in the country has reduced from 37.2% in 2004-2005 to 25.7% in 2011-2012. However, there is a huge difference between the reality and what is being portrayed in the figures published by the government.
With the election drawing near, every political party is trying to highlight its strengths and capabilities and the present government that has not been able to solve issues is trying to camouflage them.
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