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Politicians lack the maturity to come forward for public debate.

GD Topic
Now the moment results for CAT, XAT, IIFT, SNAP, CMAT, MAT and NMAT are out, you will be invited for GD and it is must for you to practice with variety of GD topics.
Read and develop points for discussion on GD Burning topic: Politicians lack the maturity to come forward for public debate
One thing that India can learn from other democratic countries is the importance of holding public debates to get the citizens of the country involved in issues that matter to them.
For decades, the politicians in India have remained disconnected from the public and there have been very few opportunities for the citizens to share their woes and issues with politicians.
In the last few months, politicians have challenged their counterparts from the opposition parties for public debates; however, politicians have failed to come forward and debate rationally in the public space.
A number of politicians in India lack the maturity to debate in an objective manner. Instead, they start blaming the other parties and overlook the more important issues at hand.
Last year, Kapil Sibal, Minister for Communications and IT, and Law and Justice, challenged Narendra Modi for a public debate on foreign policy and education. And Kapil Sibal accused Narendra Modi of spreading lies about the UPA government and not getting his facts right in his speeches.
According to Kapil Sibal, Narendra Modi had lied that China spends 20% of its GDP on education whereas India, having decided to spend 7%, was in fact, spending only 4% on education. Kapil Sibal claimed that China only spends 4% of its GDP on education and not 20%. And he accused Narendra Modi of not apologizing for the lie.
When political parties become emotional and keep accusing one another for spreading lies, it is difficult for a debate or a discussion to begin, let alone proceed smoothly.
For a public debate to be successful, all parties should think rationally and fight for the welfare of the nation. Sadly, this has not been happening in India.
Instead of focusing on issues that matter to the country, politicians keep pointing fingers at others and public debates eventually turn into blame games.
The politicians in our country are more focused on winning the elections and enhancing the image of their political parties than improving the welfare of the citizens.
In December 2013, Narendra Modi called for a public debate on the effectiveness of Article 370. Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah threw a challenge to Narendra Modi, saying that he was ready for a public debate on this issue.
However, until now, there has not been any public debate on this issue. Politicians seem to be accusing their counterparts without any basis, which is why they are afraid to come to the public space to debate on national issues.
Every political party in India has baggage and things that it is not proud of and politicians fear that during public debates, most of the secrets and truths would be spilled out and this would reduce their chances of winning the elections.
So, politicians in India challenge their counterparts openly but they lack the maturity and guts to come forward for public debates. Public debates will be successful only if politicians are willing to forget petty issues and focus on issues that are important for the citizens of India.
It is time for Indian politicians to stop playing the blame game and come forward and debate on issues in a mature manner.
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