Power corrupts all without exception.

Power corrupts all without exception

Lavleen kaur kapoor

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It is unfair to say that power corrupts all without exception. According to David Brin, a well-known American author of Science fiction, “It is said that power corrupts, but actually, it is more true that power attracts the corruptible.The sane are usually attracted by other things than power”. 
So, if we look into the past and analyze the corrupt leaders in India, we will realize that it is not power that has corrupted them – they were corrupt right from the beginning and their corrupt minds became attracted to the power that leadership positions in India had to offer. Today, it is difficult to find politicians who are clean. 
For decades, politicians in India have been misusing their power – they have been using taxpayers’ money for their own gain. According to reports, Indian politicians are entitled to up to 700 litres of petrol consumption and fuel expenses surpass Rs 3,000 crores in a year in Delhi alone. This is the taxpayers’ money which is being misused and mismanaged by politicians. 
The policies in India favor the politicians and not the public – politicians are given more power than what is required and there are no efficient independent agencies to ensure that India is free of corruption. This is one of the reasons why corruption is prevalent in India.
However, it is not true that all powerful leaders are corrupt. We have seen great leaders such as A P J Abdul Kalam, who despite having power, managed to stay free of corruption.This is because they entered the political system with the intent of doing good for the country, not to gain riches. 
So, if the intent is right and if a person’s willpower is strong, his personality will not be affected by power. In the 21st century, everything that takes place on the political grounds is made known to the public within minutes. And corrupt leaders are forced by the public to step down. So, with the help of social media, we are easily able to identify corrupt individuals and punish them accordingly.
 And these actions put pressure on the government to change its policies for the betterment of the society. This way, even if leaders become powerful, the right policies will prevent them from misusing their power. 
Corrupt individuals are present everywhere in our society. And the responsibility lies in the public and efficient leaders to identify corrupt behavior and punish corrupt individuals. Only when such action is taken will we be able to eradicate corruption in India. 
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