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Rhetoric statements of political class are still marketable.

Rhetoric statements of political class are still marketable
After having been shortlisted on the basis of analytical skills in entrance exams , you will tested for communication skills, attitudinal skills  and all MBA aspirants will have to undergo with Group Discussion( GD ) which is  very crucial part of MBA selection process. 
Read on GD Burning topic: Rhetoric statements of political class are still marketable
Political parties in India are well known to only speak and not deliver, in the past. Huge rallies are organized in big venues with thousands of people to listen to the promises that are often not fulfilled. 
As a common instance, in order to gather vote banks, several local parties are known to say that there would be no shortage of power, or ration cards will be distributed to each individual, but minimum action is taken. It is now time to let the action do the talking, to bring about a change in the democracy.
With respect to the 2G telecom scam a few years back, many enquiries were expected to take place. All the politicians and businessmen who were involved in diverting excess money towards them have not been brought into the open. Clearly there is no explanation for the same and wrongdoers continue to roam freely, without any Government action.
The fact that it took the party in power more than 10 years to understand the inflation crisis is hard to understand. It is already well known that an archaic PDS, hoarding and lack of modern agricultural infrastructure are already present.
A severe election drubbing is what it took for them to understand this problem shows the level of political intent. It is very clear that interests lie on in warding off political rivals and nothing else.
On the other side, a political party has recently said that its members will not be using red beacon vehicles and would travel by public or private transport, like the common man. They refuse to receive special VIP treatment, whereas on the other hand, the opposition has made a hue and cry about their security. Despite the chaos, members of this party continue using public transport. This is certainly an idea where actions speak louder than words. 
Since recent elections , political rhetoric statements have been made available in the form of computerized documents. Multiple voices and images of politicians were expressed through several new media. 
Historically, certain politicians have appeared be very skilled in delivering rhetoric. While it is good to have a sense of humour in today’s troubled political world, what is said must also be implemented. 
Conclusion: A fairly large portion of the population still believed in the rhetoric statements of the political class. However, with the rising middle class, the time has come for marketing beyond the statements- that is, through actions.  
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