Road rage has made our life stressful.

Road rage has made our life stressful.

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Published : Thursday, 18 June, 2015 10:42 AM

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“Road rage has made our life stressful”


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An unfortunate but common phenomenon in India, especially Delhi, is the increase in incidents of road rage, causing innumerable losses to life and property. Besides creating a big risk for life and property, the nuisance of road rage causes great stress in the lives of people not just driving vehicles but merely walking on the road. The growing instances of road rage have brought the focus on driving and the need to have calm people behind the steering wheels in an increasingly hostile and intolerant environment.

A. Driving is a complex task requiring complete concentration and a calm demeanour. Charged up emotions of stress and anger are a great impediment to the driver's concentration and can distract the driver's attention. The driver may, under stress, not be able to spot and respond to hazards, thereby causing great risk.

B. Road rage refers to an aggressive or angry behaviour by a driver of a vehicle. Such behaviour might include rude gestures, verbal expletives, making threats, physical intimidation and so on. Road rage may result in fights, arguments, collisions, injuries, even death. While fatigue at work, family issues etc cause stress, it can also be caused by traffic jams, weather, road conditions, noise and so on. Commuting is itself a stressful activity and should be undertaken with a calm head.

C. Road rage is one of the consequences of stress. A person who lives a stressful life, is always under pressure and is never at peace is more likely to be involved in incidents of road rage. Such a person will carry the feelings of anxiety, worry and anger within him/ her all the time. While driving, these feelings can distract him/ her from driving and slow his/ her responses. This may result in a fatal accident or any other untoward incident.

D. Road rage is a direct result of the changing values of the societies. In the face of ruthless competitiveness, an individual gets consumed by the routine of work and pays little attention toward his/ her health and life. This gradually leads up to an accumulation of heightened emotions of anger, frustration and stress. All of these reflect in the growing instances of road rage cases.

E. While it is true that road rage is a consequence of stress, it is also true that road rage makes life stressful. The reasons which cause road rage will also affect other aspects of a person's life. A person who is not calm and attentive while driving poses a great danger to the lives of his/ her co- passengers as well as other people on the road.

F. While this is true, it is also not fair to pin down the reason for stress only on road rage. By doing this, we are shifting focus from the other causes of stress. After all, there are several people who do not own vehicles or remain calm while driving and, yet, suffer from stress. To remove stress from one's life and live a peaceful life, one needs to identify the reasons for stress and eradicate them. These may vary from person to person. Some may feel stress because of work and family, whereas others may feel stress about their health or the political situation of the country.

Road rage may not always be caused by stress. It reflects the attitude of the person behind the wheels. A volatile and aggressive person is more likely to indulge in road rage, even though he/she may not be under stress.  

However, it is also true that road rage results in a stressful life. A person guilty of road rage will most likely receive a severe reprimand depending on the damaged caused by his actions and live under stress. Therefore, it is better to remain calm and be alert while driving.

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