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Scams have been camouflaged by communal divide.

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Scams have been camouflaged by communal divide
A number of Indian politicians have been embroiled in scams but such news surfaces more before elections as opposition parties try to garner more votes by throwing negative light on other parties. 
India faces a number of problems, including corruption, communal division, and poverty, and at times, some of these problems get camouflaged by others, depending on how politicians make their cases. In the last few months, scams have been camouflaged by communal divide, which seems to have risen in importance.
 A few weeks back, Narendra Modi appealed to Muslim voters in Lucknow and hit out at his rival parties that accused him of bias against the Muslims. There have been allegations against Narendra Modi that he did not stop the 2002 Gujarat riots, when close to 1,000 people, mostly Muslims, were killed after Hindu pilgrims died in an attack in a train. Even after the Supreme Court mentioned that there was not enough evidence to try Narendra Modi, some of Narendra Modi’s rivals continue to make such allegations.
The issue of communal division gains momentum right before elections because it stirs emotions. Political parties, in an attempt to garner more votes quickly, try to raise issues that touch people’s hearts. 
Scams such as Coalgate are only understood by certain groups in the country and their effects are not visible to the general population. Bribery and corruption do affect the nation and they are detrimental to the financial health of the nation but does the ‘Aam Aadmi’ really understand or feel the impact of such scams?
Many may understand but they may not be able to relate to such incidents. An important thing that people relate to is religion and since it is a sensitive topic, a party can easily change a group’s opinion by mentioning something controversial in this area. And this is exactly what is happening in the Indian political scene.
Recently, Mamata Banerjee accused the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of being communal and claimed that the BJP was keen on dividing Bengal earlier. This is how Mamata Banerjee is trying to divert BJP votes to her party. Scams are plenty in the nation, but do they touch the hearts of millions of people in India? Sadly, the answer is ‘no’. It is also sad that our country is divided along religious lines despite being declared the largest democracy in the world.
Scams have been camouflaged by communal divide and this will continue for as long as Indians remain divided along religious lines. Politicians ought to remember that in an attempt to garner more votes, they are tarnishing the social fabric of the nation by talking about communal division.
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