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Self Realization is The Best Realization

Self Realization is The Best Realization
After having cleared cutoff percentile at MBA Institute, you will be invited for Group Discussion and now it is must for you to practice with variety of GD topics.
Read and develop points for discussion and make sure that you are concluding with conviction:
Self realization is the best realization
For the Motion
• Self realization can be defined as knowing your own mind soul. It can be discovered by spiritual and psychological self striving. It is an act of knowing of your inner self. It requires preparation of mind, emotions and heart to recognize it. It can be instantaneous or gradual depending upon the maturity and school of your thoughts. 
• It helps you make clear and confident what are your thoughts and ways to handle the situations in your life. Moreover it makes you understandable what is right or wrong and good or bad for you. It makes you realize what negative points you have and how you can you overcome them. Knowing yourself is the best realization as you know each and everything about you.
• Self realization can be achieved through yoga, meditation and following scriptures where you connect yourself with God. It nurtures your mental state and makes your mind and heart peaceful. And when the heart feels peace, the whole world become abode of bliss. 
• The inner realization is the best feeling as it connects you to God and the purpose of your religion. It makes you obtain several things. Peace, love, ever new joy and intuitive guidance can be experienced making you understand each and every aspect in your life.
It is believed that self realization is the best realization as it directly connects you with the God keeping your heart and mind at peace. Realizing inner self always makes you confident about your decisions.
Against the Motion
• Realization of self being may not always be right. You may have development of wrong thoughts, views and ideas in your life which according to you may be right. What may be right or good for you may not be actually right and good for others? So there should be a teacher, a guru or an elder person who leads you to the right path.
• Even following the instructions in the scriptures in which the God is present is not enough. These scriptures even say that unless one has a guru he is not qualified to study the scripture.
• There is always a conditioned consciousness of the human being which may lead to the misunderstanding of the scriptures. So the presence of a master will ensure you to properly understand yourself and the world too. 
• The spiritual masters and the elderly person with much knowledge and experience train you in the right direction keeping an eye at you and correcting you at every path. If there are any questions raised in your mind, your master will answer them which are not possible in self realization as it is your own fanciful imagination.
Presence of a master always protects from wrong values, helps to enlighten spirituality of a being. Moreover it helps in regaining the legitimate position of knowledge, eternity and bliss. Also it leads to right directions and paths.
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