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Should there be minimum educational qualification to contest elections?

Should there be minimum educational qualification to contest elections?
After having been shortlisted on the basis of analytical skills , you will tested for communication skills, attitudinal skills  and all MBA aspirants will have to undergo with Group Discussion( GD ) which is  very crucial part of selection process.
Read on GD Burning topic: Should there be minimum educational qualification to contest elections?
The Indian political system is in a mess because leaders are incompetent. For decades, we have been victims of corruption and there has been no development ever since our independence from the British. 
This is the bitter truth and the only solution is to elect leaders who are capable, well-educated, and are passionate about improving the welfare of the citizens. All the three aforementioned qualities are necessary for the growth of the country. 
Having educational qualifications should not be the sole criterion for electing a leader. India’s current Prime Minister holds a doctorate, the highest educational qualification one can receive, and yet, his contributions to the Indian economy and social welfare are not significant. This is because he is not passionate about reviving the Indian economy or enhancing the lives of the people.
On the other hand, we have capable leaders such as former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Chandrababu Naidu, who changed the face of Hyderabad by developing the infrastructure and enhancing business opportunities in the city. 
He holds a Master’s degree and is not as highly qualified as Prime Minister Manmohan Singh but because of his dedication and determination to improve the lives of Indians, he has been declared a capable leader.
Having the right educational background and qualifications are important because education acts as a foundation for implementing policies. Only when people are aware of the problems can they think of the solutions. 
So, potential candidates should at least have a degree in fields that are relevant in the political arena.
Today, we see film stars joining political parties and they manage to secure votes because of their popularity. However, their capabilities are questionable.
Some actors are well-qualified, no doubt, but are they aware of the problems of the poor and can they understand the dynamics of the economy?
These are some of the questions that we ought to ask ourselves before allowing people to take part in elections. Running a country and leading over a billion people is no laughing matter; it requires intelligence, charisma, foresight, and determination.
The US economy was in ruins when President Barack Obama took over from former President George W Bush. However, he managed to revive the US economy and today, the US economy is growing. 
President Obama managed to improve the lives of US citizens because of his strong educational background in law and his love for his country.
So, before allowing potential candidates to take part in elections, we should ensure that they have relevant degrees such as in law, economics, or political science, are capable of bringing positive change to the country, and most importantly, committed and determined to take the country to greater heights.

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