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Social networking sites are waste of time for career oriented youth?

Social networking sites are waste of time for career oriented youth?

Published : Wednesday, 27 May, 2015 12:00 PM

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Social networking sites are waste of time for career oriented youth? 

Time-30 minutes

In today's era when people don't seem to have time to connect with near and dear ones over a cup of coffee, social networking sites seem to be the perfect solution. The rise and rise of social networking sites in the last decade has come as a saviour for those who cannot and do not want to make the effort of meeting people personally and for those who are always 'busy.'  

A. Social networking sites have come as a boon for people wanting to connect with friends, especially old friends with whom they have lost touch. If they can renew their acquaintance just by logging on to one such site, then the emergence of these sites needs to be appreciated.

B. True. Social networking sites have changed the way we communicate with people. It is, now, possible to catch up with old acquaintances as well as make your friends a part of your life by sharing pictures, videos, places you visit and so on.

C. These sites intrude your personal space. By feeling a compulsion to share your personal pictures, videos, location, you are actually living for others and vying for their approval. Looking for others' approval is definitely a sign of insecurity and lack of confidence.

D. The biggest disadvantage of social networking sites is that one ends up wasting a lot of time. Since, it is addictive in nature, a person surfing these sites loses track of time and ends up wasting quality time that may have been used in some productive activity.

E. This is especially true for career oriented youth, who desire success and a great career. Due to these sites, they end up spending a lot of their time doing various unproductive activities, time which could have easily been spent in thinking about their careers and improving their performance at work.

F. These sites, at best, serve as mere distractions. The youth of the country, who should be burning the midnight oil to think of becoming productive and successful citizens, instead, focus on keeping up with the latest trends on social networking sites. 

G. These sites also become an alternate world for the youth, who find an escape from the drudgery of the real world in the time they spend on such sites. For such people, because they are not able to come to terms with their immediate world, the virtual world becomes a preferred reality.

H. The fact that such sites allow revisiting old ties and acquaintances and keeping in touch does not mean that the nature of interaction and conversation is necessarily qualitative. A major drawback of these sites, especially for the youth, most often than not, they do not gain anything out of it. The quality of conversation, in general, is poor, with the nonsensical gibberish forming a chunk of the talk rather than some meaningful dialogue, which raises the intellect and curiosity of the people involved.

Thus, the youth of the country should realize the futility of significant man- hours lost and the futility of spending time on social networking sites.

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