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Society needs how many Nirbhayas to change?

Society needs how many Nirbhayas to change?
After having been shortlisted on the basis of analytical skills , you will tested for communication skills, attitudinal skills  and all MBA aspirants will have to undergo with Group Discussion( GD ) which is  very crucial part of selection process.
Read on GD Burning topic: Society needs how many Nirbhayas to change?
Crime committed with Nirbhaya  in a beastly and hair-raising manner, will be etched in our minds forever. However, is Nirbhaya’s ordeal just another entry into the list of criminal acts in India or does it have the potential to change the mindset of Indians? 
Statistics show that Nirbhaya’s case has not changed the mentality of Indians because rapes are still being committed and the rate at which they are becoming committed is alarming and shocking.
In fact, Delhi has witnessed 806 rape cases this year, between January and June, a sharp increase from the same period last year when the number stood at 330. This is the same city in which Nirbhaya was raped. In addition, molestation and eve-teasing cases have gone up by 600 and 700 percent respectively.
Although the severity of punishments for rape has increased since December 2012, people are still continuing to commit the crime. This shows that people do not fear the punishment and that people do not have respect for women. 
Why is it that in India, where people pray to goddesses like Sita Devi, Parvati Maa, and Durga Devi that such atrocities are committed? It is because a number of Indian men do not follow what they preach. 
On the surface, they claim to respect women but deep inside, they feel that women are inferior to men. This mindset has to change and only then will the society be reformed. 
The society will not change even if more Nirbhayas surface, but it will change once men start respecting women. It took the Indian legal system 10 months since the date of the rape to give the perpetrators death sentence.
The legal system of India should react and strike when the iron is hot and not procrastinate for months. Now, the case has been referred to the high court for the confirmation of the sentence.
Despite a new amendment in Sector 309 of the Criminal Procedure Code, which requires rape trials to be concluded within two months of filing of the charge sheet, Nirbhaya’s case has been ongoing for the last 10 months and now sentence has been given by trial court. Still criminals have chance of going to upper courts. If the legal system of India does not follow the rules set in stone, how can one expect the citizens to abide by the rules?
The society will not change even if thousands of Nirbhayas emerge; it will only change if Indians start respecting the law of the country and its women. 
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