Swacch Bharat has more takers as a Photo-Opportunity

Swacch Bharat

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 Published :Monday, 16 February, 2015 01:23 PM

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Swacch Bharat has more takers as a Photo-Opportunity
Number of members= 5

Time duration= 25 minutes

Aadesh Brahma - Let me just briefly explain the topic here. Swachh Bharat, or Clean India, is a cleanliness drive launched by honourable PM Narendra Modiji with an aim of cleaning every nook and corner of this country. He has demonstrated this by personally picking up the broom and cleaning certain streets in New Delhi. One of the major reasons why many of us complain here in India is because the relative lack of cleanliness, especially since we have a huge population. If you notice here on the roads, even garbage trucks are often found uncovered while carrying filth. If one man can pick up a broom and inspire the nation to keep areas clean, I am sure we all can do our respective bits.

Sampad Johri - I agree with Aadesh here that the PM has taken a step in the right direction. But friends, don’t you think a lot more needs to be done than just picking up the broom? Our problem in India is that we frequently resort to ‘spot-cleaning,’ which means picking up the garbage from your house and dumping it in front of another house. When will we realise that it is about cleaning the entire locality, or the city, and not just a house? Till this realisation comes, I am sure Swachh Bharat will remain as a photo-op. Check videos on the Internet and you will find that even some ministers have cleaned up just to get clicked by the media.

Vandana Sharma - It is time we cleaned up our act not just to show the world, but to remain healthy individuals. We often tend to put the blame on politicians and the media for making Clean India into a farce, but what have we done as common people? Aren’t we guilty enough of throwing wrappers, banana skins and the like on road? We can’t blame the politicians when most of us are guilty of doing the same ourselves. It can start by looking for a dustbin every time we want to throw garbage. One does not need to take pictures of the same and post on Instagram or Facebook to get viewership. Swacch Bharat has to be turned into action from mere campaigning.

Sapna Shrivastav - October 2 in 2014, or Gandhi Jayanti was the day Modiji decided to pick up the broom and clean India, much like Gandhiji’s vision for the nation. It is not just a mockery of cleanliness, but a well planned campaign which will be implemented over 5 years. Over Rs 62,000 crore is to be spent across 4,000 towns of the country, which is certainly not a joke. Given the way he has been creating accountability in the Government, I am sure Modiji has thought this plan through. Although there may be challenges in its implementation, it is us common people who have to assist the PM to make sure it does not turn into a mere photo-op. His leadership may be inspiring, but there is a lot more that needs to be done by other politicians and us to turn this into reality.

Sidharth Juneja - To see if Swachh Bharat has remained a photo op or has progressed, we need to revisit the same sites which were cleaned as part of the campaign. Take a look at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi which was cleaned recently. Today it looks just the same after cleanliness, or may be even worse. There are many places like this. Don’t you guys see that this campaign has the potential to turn into another mega scam, much like 2G? If crores of money are being spent, why are the areas not being looked after now? Agra was cleaned up just for a day when Mr Obama was to visit, which eventually never happened. It is probably back to the same state now. Isn’t it time we just start levying heavy fines for dumping garbage or spitting, in every part of the city, much like other nations? If it can work in the Delhi Metro, why can’t it in other places?

A mentality change has to be brought about among the people of India, for Swacch Bharat to be successful. We also have a right to know how this campaign will be implanted, step-by-step. If a website can be created to track Make in India, the same can be done for Clean India as well. Of course, as citizens of the country, it is also our duty to make sure we don’t take garbage from our home and dispose it in front of another house, but get it disposed completely. We agree that it is a step in the right direction by Modiji, but it needs a lot more work.
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