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Tough or Easy.

GD Topic
After having cleared cutoff percentile at MBA Institute, you will be invited for Group Discussion and now it is must for you to practice with variety of GD topics.
Following comparisons do come up situation wise in both our life and career cycle. How would you tackle? 
Tough or Easy
Read and develop points for discussion for GD 
President Barack Obama once said, “If you are walking down the right path and you are willing to keep walking, eventually you will make progress”. There are certain paths in our lives which are difficult to walk on but we have to in order to reach our destination. 
Our paths may not always be filled with soft petals – sometimes there will be thorns too – and even in such cases, we have to make ourselves stronger and move on. A task is never tough or easy – it is we who put labels such as ‘tough’ and ‘easy’ on tasks. 
If we believe that we can accomplish a task and that we are capable of completing it successfully, then even the hardest task can seem easy. So, something being tough or easy is all in the mind and we ought to stop labelling things in order to gain success.
At work, we may be required to do challenging work – it is good to do challenging work once in a while to enhance our skills – so, instead of feeling anxious about the task or the results, put in the required amount of hard work and work diligently and you will definitely be successful. Many a times, people refuse to take up challenging work because of the fear of failure.
 However, by doing so, they lose an opportunity to prove their capabilities to the organisation. So, when the time comes for a promotion, the management will usually select people who are willing to take the initiative and do challenging work. This is the reason why it is important to tread difficult paths instead of always choosing paths that are easy.
One should remember that easy paths may give comfort to your feet in the short run but they will not help you to enhance your skills in the long run. Likewise, difficult paths may give your feet distress in the short run but they will help you to grow in the long run. So, it is up to the individual to decide if he is keen on taking the easy path or the difficult path, depending on his goals and comfort level. 
In life, we have to make compromises – we cannot get everything in life. Women may have to sacrifice their careers or put their careers on hold when they intend to start a family. Some women intend to continue working even after starting a family, without taking a break – this path is difficult and a woman may have to work extra hard to juggle family life and her career, but by treading this path, she will get to taste sweet fruits in the long-run.
So, before you decide to take the easy or difficult path, think about your goals and select the path that will help you to achieve your goals. Do not take the easy path just because it is more comfortable – if you do so, you may lose the opportunities to enhance your skills and grow as an individual. Deciding on a path can be tricky but it is important to think things through because this decision can change your life.
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