We Have Not Dealt Chinese Incursion in Indian Territory Properly.

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We Have Not Dealt Chinese Incursion in Indian Territory Properly
Incursion by the Chinese into Indian territories lasted for a complete 3 week period ending first week of May. The questions that are really top of the mind are if this was a totally unpredicted intrusion? If yes, how was it possible, given the fact that our army has the best intelligence? 
Our army is competent to deal with any intrusion across the border. But, in order to maintain and respect the healthy relations with our neighbouring countries, the army was ordered to deal with the situation in a healthy way which meant no aggression. The reason stated was that if our army did retaliate, chances of a war would have become high leading to major international issues.
Also, the government stayed inactive for a long time before actually sending back the troops causing signs of danger. On one hand, the Chinese troops were being strong headed and declined on moving back on the LOC. While on the other hand, the decision makers were trying to avoid any sort of war with PLA (people liberation army) hence, were trying to negotiate the situation.
Since the Sino-India war of 1962, the relations have never been more than cordial. In fact, India poses the highest threat from China. There have been major issues related to the Line of Actual control between the two countries. But, is the negotiation the only way to handle the strong headed Chinese troops?
While, understandably India does not want to go to war with China, is it reasonable to put in danger the lives of people surrounding the area? A decision that was made during the 1962 war has indeed raged a lot many people when India decided to move back and claimed defeat. Has there been no change in the attitude of decision makers in these forty years? 
The decisions makers are not looking at the whole situation but just wandering on one part diplomatically. It is very true that the situation was not dealt with properly else the Chinese troops would not have been in for such a long time.