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Women empowerment - A cause for increasing divorce rate in India ?

Women empowerment

Published : Wednesday, 03 June, 2015 12:16 PM

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Women empowerment - A cause for increasing divorce rate in India?

Time-30 minutes

The alarming rates at which divorces are happening in the western world reflect the growing intolerance among people, intense individuality and complete disregard and apathy for the feelings of others. India seems to have caught the bug too, with every other marriage breaking beyond reconciliation and many marriages just festering on like a wound.

Among the possible reasons for this worrisome phenomenon, an increasing assertion of their position by women seems an unlikely yet plausible cause, given the deep- rooted patriarchal mentality due to which men remain uncomfortable with the idea of an assertive woman as a companion.

A. There is only one root cause of all divorces- a complete breakdown of communication between partners.  Communication is the key to marriage. The more the partners communicate with each other, the better it is for their relationship, as this ensures that both of them remain in the same wavelength and that there is no issue which cannot be tackled through communication.

B. True. But, then, there are reasons which make it difficult for partners to talk to each other. These may be, compatibility issues, adjustment issues, lack of respect for each other, family atmosphere, ego issues and so on. These, naturally, create a gap in communication and can lead to a divorce, if not tackled timely.

C. One such cause, which has sprung up in recent years, surprisingly, is women empowerment. Though women empowerment has long been overdue and needs to be encouraged and celebrated by one and all, men also need to learn to be comfortable with this trend.

D. Absolutely. Today, women are asserting themselves like never before. They are competing with men in every field, be it workspace, administration, intellect and even surging ahead of them. This scenario is completely new for men, who have, hitherto, been used to being the 'superior' beings, dominating the household and having the final say in all matters. This is because the society placed men in a better position, valued them more, and allowed them to be in a commanding position.

E. Therefore, these men have not been trained or accustomed to accepting an equitable relationship with their spouses. Many still live with the false illusion that women's world is restricted to the household and raising a family and should be kept out of important matters.  This is bound to impact any relationship, especially in today's changing world.

F. The modern woman is a confident woman. She no longer relies on her husband for sustenance and is capable of running the household on her own. She is no longer ready to bear the brunt of her husband's mood swings and play second fiddle in all decision making. This changed scenario has affected several marriages, reflected in the high divorce rates.

G. This concern also pervades the lives of young working couple, as both partners are unable to find time for each other due to work commitments, which, in turn, creates a disconnect, an irreparable  gap between them.

Thus, women empowerment has become a cause of many divorces. Yet, with time, as men become comfortable with this idea and couples find a way around it, women empowerment will be a cause of celebration and not heartburn.

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