Women Empowerment is limited to debates

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Women Empowerment is limited to debates

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The fact that we are still talking about women empowerment reveals how little we have achieved in terms of gender equality in all these years. Women constitute 50% of the world’s population yet, they remain a marginalised section in a largely patriarchal society, where men enjoy a privileged position.

A. Women Empowerment is a burning issue, which has not lost its relevance in any age and time. The need for women empowerment, much like other marginalised sections arise from the premise that history has not been kind to them. In a patriarchal society, women play second fiddle to their fathers, brothers, husbands and sons. They occupy the domestic space and are expected to look after the house whereas the men of the house are free to explore.

B. One of the major reasons for lack of women empowerment is lack of financial independence. The society has conventionally been closed to the idea of women earning their livelihood, as this has been considered the domain of men. This marginalises them and ensures the hold of men over them. This dependence on men feeds into maintain the patriarchal order.

C. Talking about women empowerment has become a fashionable thing for the society. It is something that people want to be seen talking about, lest they be considered ‘orthodox’ and ‘conservative’. This, however, does not necessarily translate into concrete action to change the lives of women even in the personal lives of people talking about women issues. The issue is one which is hotly debated but remains unfulfilled. 

D. True. Even with a rise in the number of women who have broken from the mould to become successful, such as Kalpana Chawla, Saina Nehwal, Kiran Bedi, Anoushka Shankar and others, and steps being taken by the government to empower women, such as ‘The Rashtriya Mahila Kosh’ to make credit available to women among others, we are far from realising absolute empowerment for women. Thus, it remains a topic more debated than acted upon.

E. The issue of Women Empowerment has always been around yet steps taken for the same have been unable to ensure an improvement in the situation of women. In the Indian context, inspite of the passions aroused whenever women rights are discussed, the Indian Parliament has found ways to stall the proposal for reserving seats for women in the Parliament. There is a huge gap in what we say and what we do as far as women rights are concerned. 

F. The situation is gradually changing though. Women are becoming aware of their rights and are asserting themselves like never before. Parents are beginning to view their daughters not as liabilities but important contributors to the house. Women are asserting themselves like never before and creating a new space for themselves, challenging the patriarchal order in the process.

While it is alright to debate the issue of women empowerment, despite the debate being one sided as no right thinking person would oppose it as it creates awareness, merely talking about it is not going to help the cause. Women Empowerment is a right which women deserve to have. Not giving them this is a matter of shame for the society.

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