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Impact of Waste on Environment

Impact of Waste on Environment
We all know that there are grave impacts of waste on our environment and if not managed properly, we have to face unbearable environmental issues. MBA aspirants should know this issue and develop more reading. 
All the developments we see today have cost us high on environment pollution. The whole issue of environment pollution is like a vicious circle that needs to stop somewhere immediately to get rid of the gravest problems of today, the environment pollution.
 Rising population leads to more demands of commodities and space which in turn leads to establishment of industries and residential units on lands that were being used either for agriculture or were just lands full of natural greenery. 
The effects of our careless steps in awe of rapid development have already started to show up in the form of alarming issues like global warming, air pollution, water pollution and much more. 
Activities like deforestation, rapid industrialization etc. is now posing great threats to human lives itself. Today people die more environmental issues like water borne and air borne disease more than their natural deaths. 
The impact of waste on Environment in India 
With its rising population India has become the hub of all forms of pollution. The efforts are being made to eradicate the issues relation to environment pollution but the problem is so huge that controlling it requires extensive time, efforts and awareness.  Listed below are impacts of waste on environment and how it affects human life.
â–ºThe industrial waste that is dumped into water bodies has harmful chemicals, expired products, heavy metals like lead, arsenic, nickel etc that leads to skin diseases like fungal infections, skin cancer, allergic dermatitis etc.
â–ºAgricultural waste like pesticides, fungicides, herbicides etc that contain organic pollutants like DDT (Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane) also leads to major abdominal and intestinal problems like liver cancer, kidney failure, stomach infections etc.
â–ºHospital Waste is also leads to many health and environmental issues. Hospital waste includes used syringes and sharps, biological waste and pharmaceuticals, packaging material and containers etc.
Reason of Environment pollution:
Due to increasing population, increase in industries, urbanization and modernization has ultimately has lead to increase of all kinds of toxic waste from all these sources. 
People get exposed to various kinds of pollution by consumption of contaminated water or food, inhalation of pollutants present in air and by absorption of substances into human cells though skin by diffusion or osmosis. 
We are constantly get exposed to one or the other form of pollution which has been the major cause of diseases, health issues and decreased longevity in India. 
The waste we dump gets into soil and water bodies though the process of leeching contaminating them and therefore when we use these sources we also get exposed to pollutants present in them.
Need is to not only establish laws to control alarming environmental issues but to enforce them in a way that people are left with no option but to adhere to them.
As bearers of the results of environmental pollution people should themselves think as their duty to save environment by restricting activities that harm it. 
More awareness should be generated through environmental campaigns, a forestation activities etc to let people know that we are the only end receivers of hazardous effects of pollution we are causing in the environment today.
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