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Effective communication for Professional Excellence

Effective communication for Professional Excellence

MBA aspirants must be updated with General Awareness on current topics. General awareness topics with analytically drawn conclusions will benefit you in Essay writing   / GD & PI. Today, you will read General Awareness Topic: 

Effective communication for Professional Excellence

The world of competition is escalating and professionals all over the world are under pressure to achieve more with each passing day. 

According to Harold Sydney Geneen, a famous American businessman, every entrepreneur needs five skills for success – communication, organization, innovation, concentration and discrimination.

One of the skills essential for success is communication, which refers to human connection. Experts all around the world have attested that effective communication skills are decisive for professional excellence. 

Those who relentlessly make an effort to master communication skills eventually become effective and influential leaders. 

In the workplace, effective communication involves handling conflicts with diplomacy. When people of diverse personalities come together for a project, it will definitely lead to friction.

There will be disputes and arguments. As an effective leader, you should respond to conflicts in a non-judgmental manner. Instead of resorting to personal attacks, one should listen attentively to the disputes and come up with a resolution that is acceptable to everyone. 

Today, most of us communicate through emails, phone calls and instant messages. Technology has increased the speed at which we communicate with people, but it has eliminated the human to human interaction. 

In emails, a person’s tone is not obvious. So, there is a possibility for the message to get misinterpreted. Also, one should take into account the audience we are communicating with. For example, the older generation is more comfortable with face to face communication as compared to the younger generation. So, if you have to convey a message to someone who is above 45, it is best to have a face to face meeting instead of sending an email.

Effective communication is not about getting the information across but getting it across in the right manner. Leadership programs in American Express do not just focus on speaking better but also on listening better.

 When fellow employees voice their opinions, it is important to listen to them and understand what they are saying. This helps you to build a rapport with your colleagues, which is essential for professional and personal development. 

Google arranges get-togethers called ‘Thank God It’s Friday’ so that colleagues can get to know each other, in turn enhancing the productivity levels of the employees and the organization. 

Google maintains transparency by keeping communication channels open. This way, employees will not be stifled by the bureaucratic ways of the organization. 

Recently, Google carried out a study called Project Oxygen to identify the best practices of top managers. The results showed that effective communication, which comprises the ability to share information and listen to employees, was a trait possessed by all effective managers. This shows that effective communication is important for budding and current leaders. 

In an organization, the management team has a conversation with employees to understand their goals and how these goals can be met by the organization.

In addition, a leader taps into the strengths of an employee and helps him/her to improve upon his/her weakness. This way, the goals of both the employees and the organization will be aligned and both the parties will benefit mutually. 

The 21st century is all about two-way communication. Gone are the days when a manager delegates work to a subordinate and the subordinate is expected to submit the work at the end of the day. 

Today, in the dynamic world, employees are required to communicate effectively and take charge of certain tasks and projects. 

In a competitive world, every individual is tested on various grounds, with the most important area being communication. 

Through effective communication, employees are retained in a company, employees feel happy to be a part of the corporate community and there is overall growth in the organization.

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