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- Lavleen Kaur Kapoor

GK and General Awareness are divided by thin line

GK and General Awareness are divided by thin line

GK and General Awareness are divided by thin line

In general, there is a stark difference between General Knowledge, also known as GK, and General Awareness. 

General Knowledge is information that has been stored in our brains over a period of time. From the time we were toddlers and until the present day, we have been gathering information.

This information is stored in our brains and helps us to analyze our day to day events. This is essentially GK. General Awareness, on the other hand, refers to your knowledge about current affairs. 
One can enhance his/her general awareness by reading newspapers and business magazines and watching news. You should be aware of what is happening in India and beyond.
 By reading more, you will be enlightened about policies and events that are happening in the world, which will be helpful in MBA entrance exams and MBA personal interviews, once you are shortlisted. 
As a potential MBA student, you are required to know about business affairs such as the performance of multinational corporations and mergers and acquisitions, if any. 
Enhancing your general awareness is not a one or two month activity; it is a process which should be inculcated by students at an early stage. 
General Knowledge is not about how well you are aware of current affairs; in fact, it is your understanding of the world and the various institutions that govern it. 
For example, a general knowledge question could test your knowledge on when the first Nobel Prize was awarded. To answer this question correctly, you need to know the history of Nobel Prize. 
General Knowledge is the accumulated knowledge of an individual in various fields such as Literature, Geography, History and Political Science, to name a few. 
Here, the focus is not on current affairs but on the past, and it tests your understanding of the world and its functions.
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