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Green Marketing is Panacea to protect Environment

Green Marketing is Panacea to protect  Environment

MBA aspirants must be updated with General Awareness on current topics. General awareness topics with analytically drawn conclusions will benefit you in Essay writing   / GD & PI. Today, you will read General Awareness Topic: 

Green Marketing is Panacea to protect  Environment  

Marketing is a common term, which refers to the promotion of products. Green Marketing, on the other hand, which is slowly but surely seeping into the corporate culture of many multi-national corporations and small and medium sized enterprises, is the promotion of products that are supposed to be environmentally safe. 
Hence, green marketing, also known as environmental marketing and ecological marketing, is all about promoting environmental core values. 
This way, consumers will be able to associate the product or brand that is being advertised with sustainable development. Many people have the misconception that in green marketing, only the product is environmentally friendly. In fact, the packaging, processing and distribution of the product are environmentally safe too.
Green marketing is creating waves all over the world, including in India. Indian companies such as Wipro, State Bank of India, Nerolac and Tata have incorporated green marketing into their corporate culture and have been climbing the ladder of success ever since State Bank of India initiated the ‘Green Channel Counter’ in an effort to save the environment by promoting paperless banking and transactions.
 At present, the State Bank of India provides services like ‘no deposit slip’, ‘no withdrawal form’, and ‘no receipt for ATM transactions’. These services have been made known to people in the country to encourage them to use less paper while carrying out financial transactions.
Kansai Nerolac Paints, also known as Nerolac, is committed to promoting sustainable development, and has come up with many initiatives and programs to improve their products and in turn enhance the health and education levels of the population. 
In addition, the products manufactured by Nerolac are harmless to the environment. Nerolac has worked hard to remove hazardous heavy metals such as mercury, lead and chromium from their products, which have adverse effects on humans. 
Studies have shown that lead-based paints from buildings and other structures slowly seep into the soil over time and enter water bodies, including lakes, rivers and streams. Plants absorb traces of lead from soil and nearby water bodies and pass on the poison to animals and humans. 
According to doctors, the consumption of lead can cause damage to the Central Nervous System, reproduction system and the kidneys. By eliminating lead from paints and enhancing the quality of products, Nerolac has redefined its brand and positioning in the minds of consumers.
In the automobile industry, Tata recently unveiled an eco-friendly car called Indica Vista EVX, an electric car that runs on polymer lithium ion batteries. 
This product managed to secure two awards – the most environmentally friendly small passenger electric car award and the most economic small passenger electric car award in the small passenger electric vehicle category in the Future Car Challenge between Brighton and London at the Royal Automobile Club. 
The car was developed to reduce the world’s carbon footprint and it has succeeded in its green marketing campaign.
Indian companies have launched environmentally friendly products both in the country and abroad to do their bit for the community and the environment. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is gaining momentum in the country and more and more companies are modifying existing products and coming up with new products to improve their corporate image and to increase revenue in the long run. 
Studies have shown that consumers are gaining awareness on sustainable development and they prefer green products to those that harm the environment. So, we can safely say that green marketing is sure to stay in India and the rest of the world for good.
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